Second Time Lucky? BBM for iOS and Android Sheepishly Steps Out Once More

If you haven't already given up on the prospect of BBM for your iPhone or Android device, BlackBerry is today once again pushing their now-cross-platform messaging app to the respective Apple and Google stores. Read More >>

BlackBerry Rumoured to be Spinning BBM off into a Separate Company

BlackBerry Messenger, the one part of BlackBerry that everyone seems to agree is worth trying to keep around in some way, could end up being pulled out into a separate company, as BlackBerry examines ways to survive its never-ending smartphone sales decline. Read More >>

The New BBM Lets You Make Free Voice Calls Over Wi-Fi

The last vestige of BlackBerry in the modern world, BBM, has a slick new feature that could stave off the overpopulation of BlackBerry's in recycling bins and possibly please the few suit-wearing keyboard lovers left: the new BBM 7.0 has something called BBM Voice, a feature that basically offers free voice calling over Wi-Fi. Read More >>


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