How to Make the BlackBerry Playbook Actually Useable

By killing off the rumoured BB10 update for the Playbook, BlackBerry basically stabbed its 7-inch tablet in the heart and lungs. As a result, though, new Playbooks can be had for around £80. Given the hardware isn't terrible, that's a bit of a bargain. And it's even better when you mod it to do actually-useful things. Read More >>

A Bunch of Bargain-Basement SSDs Are Your Instant-Turbo-Charged-Computer Deal of the Day

Did you know that today is National Hard Drive Day? Well it is, because we just decided that it is, so shut up. Appropriately, here's some top-notch hard drive and SSD bargains that we've found to help celebrate the big day. Read More >>

A Pair of Altec Lansing Earphones Is Your "La La La, I Can't Hear You Olympics, Go Away" Deal of the Day

It's SPORTS DAY! What's more it will be for the next two weeks – a long time if you're not a fan of SPORTS DAY and everything that it entails. Read More >>

Fujifilm Cameras From £27 Are Your Boozy-Night-Out-Cam Deal of the Day

The holiday and festival season is coming like a wolf over a hill and it’s the time of year more than any other when we all want to be taking snappy snaps of our goings on. But if you’ve got a nice posh camera, do you really want to take it to a muddy festival or sandy beach? No. Read More >>

A Pre-Ordered PlayStation Vita Is Your "It Fell In My Tesco Basket" Deal of the Day

Today’s deal is an enormous boon for gaming freaks who like to be on the move and generally a-wandering about the place. Say hello to the Playstation Vita. Soon. Read More >>

Pretty Much Every Final Fantasy Game For PlayStation, Ever, Is Your Deal of the Day

Quick -- someone call a doctor and get us our minds pumped clean! We’re suffering from a gaming overdose here!! Aaarggghh!!11!!! Read More >>

A Kids Ride-In Dalek Is Your Exterminate! Exterminate! Deal of the Day

There’s a few bargains mooching about today of varying shapes, sizes and levels of quality, but we can’t get past this one. The problem is that you’ll only get maximum benefit out of it if you’re between 3-6 years of age, or a dwarf. Read More >>

Find Out the Cheapest SIM-Only Mobile Deal In Today's Dealzmodo

Rather than just one specific deal, we’re hitting you right between the eyes with a myriad of bargain offers today – all thanks to HotUKDeals member qyestionmark. Read More >>

BlackBerry PlayBook Is Your "Well, It's Only £169, Go On Then" Deal of the Day

Christmas is often a time when the desperately lonely consider taking their own lives. Harsh, but true. So instead of taking a fistful of tablets, perhaps they should think about buying one single computery tablet instead. Read More >>

Sad Rumour: The BlackBerry PlayBook Might Be Dead

A chip analyst for Collins Stewart, John Vinh, believes that RIM "has stopped production of its PlayBook and is actively considering exiting the tablet market." Why? According to his research, the PlayBook's manufacturer, Quanta, has "essentially halted production of the tablet." Read More >>


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