Samsung Smartphones Outsell Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and BlackBerry Combined

New research into the state of the smartphone market paints Samsung in an even more favourable light, suggesting the Korean giant ships more phones around the world than all of its major competitors combined. Read More >>

Facebook Liking the Idea of BlackBerry Buyout?

Mega-rich social network Facebook has emerged as the latest in the long line of successful tech giants having a think about buying Blackberry, with sources claiming Zuckerberg's baby photo portal might be lining up a bid for the hardware maker. Read More >>

Why Does BBM For Android Have a Tonne of Horribly Fake Reviews?

So BBM for Android and iOS finally made it out after some delays. And how is it? "Really great user friendly and smooth" apparently. At least, according to the legion of bots that are leaving positive reviews on Google Play. Read More >>

Second Time IS Lucky for BBM, as iOS and Android App Downloads Sky-Rocket

It may have had a shaky start in life, but BlackBerry's BBM instant messaging app has been welcomed with open arms by iOS and Android users after making its second attempt at hitting those platforms yesterday. BBM pins must be being exchanged like crazy, as, against the odds, 10 million have now installed the app in just 24 hours across both Apple and Google's mobile operating systems. [Time] Read More >>

Second Time Lucky? BBM for iOS and Android Sheepishly Steps Out Once More

If you haven't already given up on the prospect of BBM for your iPhone or Android device, BlackBerry is today once again pushing their now-cross-platform messaging app to the respective Apple and Google stores. Read More >>

BlackBerry Claims it has Loads of Cash, so Don't Panic Yet

BlackBerry's taken the unusual step of releasing an open letter to its users, trying to calm the storm surrounding its financial situation and possible sale. BB says it has "substantial cash on hand" and is restructuring itself "in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organization." It wants people to think it'll still be around 18 months from now, so can everyone please start buying some Z10s. Thanks. [Blackberry] Read More >>

BlackBerry Founders Bid to Buy Back Struggling Mobile Maker

Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, who founded and still own a decent chunk of BlackBerry, are considering joining the rest of the tech world in tabling a bid to buy the company. Read More >>

Google, Intel, LG and Samsung Considering Rival BlackBerry Bids

BlackBerry has already agreed to being bought and turned into a private company by a private equity firm, but is said to be talking to several other tech giants about selling all or part of the once great phone maker for a better price. Read More >>

BlackBerry Is On the Hunt For a Buyer

According to Reuters, BlackBerry is asking Google, Samsung, LG, Cisco, and basically anybody with money, to buy BlackBerry entirely or at the very least, certain parts of the company. This is seen as an alternative in case the finances don't work out in going private. Read More >>

BlackBerry's Blues Continue to Mount With Eye-Watering £600m Loss for Q2

Poor old BlackBerry. You just want to take CEO Thorsten Heins down the pub, grab him a pint and tell him everything's going to be alright. Which would obviously be a massive lie, as the company has just announced it lost a staggering $965 million (£600 million) over the last 90 days. Read More >>

Failing BlackBerry's Z30 Hits Selfridges Tomorrow: Big Phone, Big Hopes

BlackBerry is basically running on empty at the moment, with the company on the cusp of accepting a buyout and its latest BB10 handsets pretty much universally recognised as a flop. It may have missed the smartphone ship, but that won't stop BlackBerry chasing the latest big mobile craze, with its Z30 "phablet" hitting the UK tomorrow (27 September). Read More >>

BlackBerry Might Survive as a Private Company

After months—years, really—of speculation about buyers and shutdowns and sales, BlackBerry appears to have found salvation in the form of a $4.7 billion takeover. Whether the company lives on from there or is sold for scraps remains anyone's guess. Under the proposed deal, which will close after due diligence and regulatory approvals, a group of buyers led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited will become BlackBerry's new dad. Read More >>

A Love Letter to My First Four Phones

Last month was spent in a state of upheaval. After seven years on one side of the country, I was heading back to the opposite coast, which had led me to go though of the hundreds of pounds of accumulated junk one accidentally collects in boxes over the years. Read More >>

BBM Is Being Delayed For Android and iOS

Look, we all know that BlackBerry is in a tail spin and has been for awhile. And at this point the situation can only become an incredible underdog story or a put the dog out of his misery moment. There's no status quo anymore. But somehow the hole keeps being dug deeper. Read More >>

BBM for iOS and Android Hands-On: The Best BlackBerry Thing In Years

Even as Blackberry has fallen from grace over the last few years, its proprietary messaging service BBM has remained a solid, well-designed product. A few months back, the company announced plans to bring the product to iOS and Android. We were excited then, and after spending a few minutes with the final build of both apps, we're thinking this could be BlackBerry's foothold into a new future. Read More >>

BBM Will Be Hitting Android and iOS This Saturday and Sunday

That's Android this Saturday; iOS on Sunday. The app will allow you to message your BlackBerry (or BBM app)-toting friends and will run on Android 4.0 and higher, as well as iOS 6 and 7. [BlackBerry via Verge] Read More >>


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