Investors Aren't Impressed With BB10: Stock Down 8 Per Cent Already

RIM, sorry, Blackberry, might be all excited about BlackBerry10 and their shiny new handsets, but the world's financial markets aren't. Stock sank by 8 per cent over the course of the launch event, and it's still on the down, marking a 5 per cent loss already today (and trading's still got a ways to go in the USA before the market closes today). [Reuters] Read More >>

Where and When Can You Get Your Hands on BB10?

Let's just say that you've been really impressed by what BB10 has to offer, and you're willing to make that two-year union of man and Blackberry a reality. Here's how you can sell your soul away to RIM BlackBerry. Read More >>

Leaked RIM Document Shows the First BB10 Devices That Will Arrive 2013

While many people—not least RIM executives—were hopeful that BlackBerry 10 would surface before the end of 2012, crushing news last week from RIM confirmed it would be pushed back to 2013. BlackBerryOS has posted what appears to be a leaked RIM roadmap, showing the BlackBerry 10 devices we can expect in 2013. If the company is still alive and kicking by then, that is. Read More >>


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