Bletchley Park Veterans Needed to Solve 70-Year-Old Dead Pigeon Mystery

A dead pigeon pulled out of a man's chimney was found to have a little red capsule attached to its leg, which contained an encoded message from the D-Day landings. Problem is, today's decrypting experts can't crack it. Can your granddad help? Read More >>

A Scenic Tour of Wartime Britain's Five Intelligence Hubs

There were many fronts of battle in World War II, and military intelligence had a part to play in all of them. Scattered all over the country were bases and labs where spies, analysts and technicians feverishly worked on cracking codes, studying photos, making maps and designing weapons. Here's a list of the five most important. Read More >>

Watch as Google Remembers the Birth of the World's First Digital, Programmable, Electronic Computer

Google’s got a bit of a soft spot for Bletchly Park, known for being the British code-cracking institution of WWII. What you might not realise is that Bletchly was also the birthplace of the modern digital, programmable, electronic computer back in 1942 with Colossus. Google’s put together a beautiful short film looking back on the pioneering work that paved the way for what we all rely on today. Read More >>

Bletchley Park's Crumbling Block C Granted Listed Status

That rather grim lump of concrete is one of the country's newest Grade II listed buildings. It's the Block C group of builidings at Bletchley Park, where the Nazi codes were crunched. Read More >>

Google Donates £550,000 to Bletchley Park

Google's been hovering around Bletchley for some time, helping with previous fund raising efforts and donating various skills. But now it's just taken the Route 1 approach and handed the Bletchley Trust a massive lump of cash. Read More >>

Pardon Alan Turing Petition Open for Your Consideration

If you have a passing interest in the life of Alan Turing and the great innovations he was responsible for, there's some small way you can help -- signing a petition to have him pardoned of his "crime." Read More >>

Olympic Torch Will Pass Bletchley Park on its UK Tour

Full details of the route the Olympic Torch will take as it criss-crosses the country on its way to London 2012 have been revealed, with The Flame set to pass through a part of Milton Keynes known as Bletchley Park. Read More >>

Bletchley Park Wins £4.6M Fund For Tourist Attraction Restoration Work

The historic monument known as Bletchley Park has had all sorts of do-gooders rallying for its place in the future, after a lack of funding slid it into a state of neglect. With this £4.6m Heritage Lottery Fund, the old WWII codebreakers' building can be restored and turned into a tourist attraction. Read More >>


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