NASA is 3D Printing Hubble Images So Blind People Can See Outer Space

What does space feel like? I'm not talking about space itself—but rather the images we see in a telescope. Could you render those spectacular images into something that a blind person could experience? That's exactly what a pair of astronomers are trying to figure out. Read More >>

Which Lab Alcohols Can You Safely Consume Without Going Blind?

Ever found yourself eyeing stock lab alcohols and wondering if any of them would be good for a quick buzz without, you know, potentially killing you? Josh Velson, a chemical engineering consultant who works with bio and petrochemicals, has your answer. Read More >>

Crazy Brain Implants Give Cyborg Lab Rats a Sixth Sense and Lets Them "Touch" Light

It's not every day that science and crazy brain implants lead to the generation of what is essentially a new sense, but it is that day today. Scientists from Duke University have found a way to make rats "feel" invisible infrared light and someday that same tech could give sight to the blind, or give us humans extras senses for fun. Read More >>

Blind Mice Can See Again—and Maybe Blind Humans, Too

Some mice that once were blind can now see, thanks to a breakthrough from researchers at UC Berkley. And humans might not be far behind. Read More >>

How to Temporarily Blind Yourself

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be temporarily blind? Of course you have. In fact, there is a way to trick your body into becoming blind, at least for a few minutes. Read More >>


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