Forced Horizontal iPhone Video App Horizon is Now Free

Horizon, the clever camera app that forces your iPhone or iPad to only shoot horizontal videos no matter how they're held, is now free on the iTunes App Store for a little while. So now you have no excuse for shooting vertical videos ever again. [iTunes App Store] Read More >>

Apple's New iMacs Include Fourth-Gen Intel Quad-Core Processors

Apple has quietly updated its iMacs to include fourth-gen Intel quad-core processors, new graphics, next-gen Wi-Fi, and faster flash storage. The new computers are available today starting at £1,149 for the 21.5-inch model and £1,599 for the 27-incher. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Just Committed to Supporting the...

Microsoft just commited to supporting the Surface and Windows RT for at least four years. Long live the firmware updates! [ZDNet] Read More >>

Nokia to Launch Tougher, Ruggedised Lumia 820 Covers too

With the imminent arrival of the Lumia 820, the 920's cheaper little brother, one of the more interesting features was the interchangeable covers: a matte finish back for those who want to wirelessly charge, and glossy one for those who don't. But it doesn't stop there. Apparently, Nokia has some ruggedised versions in the works for us outdoorsy folks too. [Pocket-Lint] Read More >>

android apps
Dropbox Now Automatically Uploads Your Photos

Having successfully beta tested it, Dropbox has announced a new release of its desktop and Android software, which means that the service can now upload your photographs to your Dropbox account automatically. Yes, that's exactly like iCloud and Google+, but it's good news for anyone who doesn't use either of those services. [Dropbox] Read More >>

Apple Is So Big That Financial Analysts are Ignoring It

Well, not quite. The Wall Street Journal reports that in order to understand how the financial market is fairing, analysts are cutting Apple out of the picture because their dominance skews things too much. Read More >>

Google's Very First Employee is Leaving

It's the end of an era: Google's very first hired employee is leaving the search giant. Craig Silverstein — the first Google employee, Page and Sergey Brin aside — is heading off to the new online learning concept, the Khan Academy. Read More >>

Refurbished Motorola Xoom Tablets Still Held Original User Data

When Motorola sent a batch of refurbished Xoom tablets to Woot last year for them to sell, someone had forgotten to erase the old user data. That meant that new users had access to account information, photographs and documents of the previous owner. Read More >>

Firefox 10 Is Now Live

The newest version of Firefox is now available for the PC and Mac. Its newest features include a Forward button that remains hidden until you actually need it, support for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management. [Mozilla via the Verge] Read More >>

Apple Just Hired a Brit To Head Up Its Worldwide Retail Operations

Apple has just appointed John Browett, chief executive of UK electronics retailer Dixons (previously of Tesco), as its new vice-president of retail. It's the first external senior-executive appointment by Tim Cook, and will see Browett take over the whole of Apple's already incredibly successful retail strategy. Read More >>

What is iPad 2,4?

iOS 5.1 beta has just been released to the Apple developer community. Not particularly exciting, no—at least not until 9 to 5 Mac stumbled upon a line of code referencing the "iPad 2,4". Is this a reference to the highly anticipated iPad 3? Not likely. Does it refer to US carrier Sprint's upcoming iPad service? Hmm, could be. [9to5Mac] Read More >>

The Covenant Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This LEGO Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle

Granted, it may not actually shoot anything, but this 4.8kg, 160cm replica of Halo's SRS 99 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle is the perfect accessory for your Master Chief costume. Wait, whaddya mean it's already November?!? Check out Obvious Winner for more images. Read More >>

Another Day, Another Mac Trojan on the Loose

The ESNET security company is reporting that the Tsunami Trojan originally developed for Linux systems has been ported to OSX. The Trojan is designed to hijack an infected system and use its network connection in DDoS attacks or to automatically download more malware. More details are available at MacWorld. Read More >>

Catch a Glimpse of Google TV 2.0

The original launch of Google TV didn't go so well. Will an updated UI and expanded access to the Android marketplace help the set-top boxes find a place in living rooms? Maybe not. Check out a full gallery of screen grabs and further analysis at Zat's Not Funny. Read More >>

The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Is Now Live

On the heels of tonight's Galaxy Nexus announcement, Google has released the Android 4.0 SDK. The platform promises a bevy of new features for users and developers alike including extended sharing and social integration and unified calendars. You can download a copy of the SDK here. [Android Developers] Read More >>


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