David Cameron Still Angry About Porn, Promises Block in Family Homes

The PM was previously rumoured to be planning a crackdown on porn in homes where children are present, now he's come out and said it. ISPs will have to block porn by default for households who have kids. Read More >>

Twitter Nukes a Neo-Nazi Account, But Only In Germany

This is the first time Twitter's used its new-found geolocation blocking powers. Requested by the German police, the neo-Nazi feed is only blocked to those browsing from Germany. Is this the start of region-locking and censorship on Twitter? [BBC] Read More >>

Reddit Bans Links to Big-Name Sites Over Spamming Violations

Reddit has announced, in a new subreddit called r/BannedDomains, that it is banning a swathe of big-name websites — including The Atlantic and Businessweek — in a bid to limit spam and abuse. Read More >>


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