Uh Oh, UK Porn Filter Also Blocks VPNs

It looks like yet more non-porn things are going to get blocked in the UK as part of the indiscriminate filtering. VPNs are apparently now a target of filtering because they could possibly be used by children to get around age gates. Great, way to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Read More >>

The Radio Times Gets Blocked in the UK By Big Media Gaff

If it wasn't bad enough that news sites like TorrentFreak are going to get a taste of the piracy ban-hammer, it seems the humble Radio Times has gotten a helping of the court-ordered ISP blockade, and completely by accident too. Nice one, big media. Read More >>

The UK ISP Pirate Bay Blockade Might End Soon

There's a possibility that the insane court-ordered blockade of piracy sites, and even piracy news sites (!), could end soon in the UK, if an unexpected U-turn by government becomes law. Will common sense prevail after all? Read More >>

The British Torrent Blockade Continues as the BPI Strikes Again

It's not just the Pirate Bay that's feeling the sting of High Court-infused blocking orders. Three more torrent sites, KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy, have been given the special treatment thanks to the BPI, just like TPB, with BT, Virgin, O2 and Be already blocking them off the face of the UK internet. Read More >>

Twitter Nukes a Neo-Nazi Account, But Only In Germany

This is the first time Twitter's used its new-found geolocation blocking powers. Requested by the German police, the neo-Nazi feed is only blocked to those browsing from Germany. Is this the start of region-locking and censorship on Twitter? [BBC] Read More >>

Unblock the Pirate Bay the Automated Way, With the Pirate Patch

Tired of having to type in numbers to get to the Pirate Bay? IP addresses too fiddly for you? You need the Pirate Patch, which automatically fetches the latest proxy information for you and bungs it in your host file, so you can simply type into your browser. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay's Game of Whac-a-Mole Is In Full Swing, But It's Not Going Quite as We Imagined

After the UK ISPs were forced to block the Pirate Bay off the face of Britain, we wondered how long big media could keep up its game of whac-a-mole with TPB's various IP addresses. Apparently forever, because it seems they don't have to go back to court each time. Read More >>

BT Whacks the Final Nail Into the Pirate Bay's ISP Blockade Coffin

The last remaining UK ISP court ordered to cut all lines to has set up its futile blockade. BT's finally joined Sky, TalkTalk, O2, Orange, and Virgin in the BPI-championed action against The Pirate Bay, not that it makes any difference. Read More >>

TalkTalk Joins the Pirate Bay Blockade With a Delightful Message From the BPI

TalkTalk customers have already got a lot to complain about, but the network has just added to them. The thing is, it's not really TalkTalk's fault; a court order sealed TPB's fate, and the network wants you to know that it's all the BPI's fault. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Extends Its Game of Whac-a-Mole Almost to Infinity With IPv6

As UK and Dutch ISPs continue to try and block The Pirate Bay off the face of the Earth, TPB's game of whac-a-mole just got a colossal boost thanks to IPv6. Theoretically, there are now more potential TPB IP addresses than there are stars in our galaxy -- good luck trying to block all of them. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay's All For Censoring BitTorrent Links On Google

The RIAA wants search engines like Google to censor links to BitTorrent sites, which sounds just as insane as blocking them at the ISP level to me. Contrary to what you might assume though, The Pirate Bay is actually all thumbs-up for it. Read More >>

Sky Follows Virgin In Futile Pirate Bay Blockade

Even though The Pirate Bay has already made all this blocking action a total waste of time, our ISPs are still court ordered to block the original TPB site URL off the face of Britain. Sky's gone ahead and joined Virgin and Everything Everywhere implementing its Pirate Bay blackout. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Gearing Up For IP-Address Whac-a-Mole to Keep the Site Available to Brits

The Pirate Bay launched a clone of itself using a new IP address to help us Brits get around the court-ordered blockade, but it's only a matter of time before another court order appears. Never fear though, TPB has hundreds of IP addresses available, and it'll keep launching a new site every time one gets blocked. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Has Cloned Itself

After being blocked in the UK, The Pirate Bay wasn't all that happy that its British fans would be cut off. The UK loves a good bit of TPB, so it's launched a new site to make getting around the ISP blockade even easier. It's set up a brand new mirrored site operating from a different IP address -- take that internet filtering. Read More >>

TalkTalk Having the Difficult Chat About Internet Porn With All its Users

UK ISP TalkTalk has announced it'll be taking the lead in the new rush to offer porn-free internet connections, with the network soon to ask all of its subscribers to confirm their filtering options. In short, you'll have to tell it you want porn, if you want porn. We'll assume you do. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Block Porn in Britain and Make You Declare You're a Perve to Get It Back

Having seen how easy it is to get the ISPs to block stuff, the government is eyeing up the online porn industry as the next potential blockade target. It wants to make you opt-in for the privilege of watching smut over your broadband connection, going on record that you're a porn-lover. Read More >>


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