Windows Blue, A.K.A the Next Windows OS, is Leaked Online

A leaked copy of Microsoft's latest Blue OS—its rumoured incremental Windows upgrade—is spreading, and shows an increased focus on personalisation including new Live Tile arrangements on the Start Screen, a Snap View for side-by-side apps, and new colour choices. Read More >>

Why Is the Sky Any Colour?

You probably think the sky is blue because of the ocean and air and reflections or something like that. But how does it turn red sometimes? Or orange? Or rather, why does the sky have to be any colour at all? PBS explains it so you can explain it to your future kid. Read More >>

Would You Pay a Small Amount for Yearly Windows Upgrades?

Microsoft's rumoured to be pulling 'an Apple', shifting from big product updates every three or so years, to a more rapid, yearly refresh cycle. The rumours currently focus on 'Blue', which is supposed to be a sort of feature-pack upgrade that Microsoft would sell though its online store, a bit like Apple does with OS X 10.x updates. But would you be up for paying a small amount, say £25, for that kind of thing every year? Read More >>

Have You Managed to Grab Your Samsung Galaxy S III Yet?

The new Android Emperor, the Samsung Galaxy S III, launched today across the UK, but there's a bit of an issue with stock. After the rumours yesterday, lots of outlets have come out and said that if you're after a pebble blue variant you're fat out of luck. Read More >>

This Cheesy Snack Turns Your Tongue Blue

Ah, crisps. Who doesn't love them? If only — and I'm being nitpicky here — if only they could, I don't know, turn your tongue some ungodly colour for no reason. Right? Oh, wait, PepsiCo's Twisties to the rescue! Read More >>

Is Today the Most Depressing Day of the Year?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: still no. Unless you believe the pseudo-scientific ramblings of psychologist Cliff Arnall, of course, who once developed an equation he thought could predict the day we all feel most depressed. Read More >>

Blue's Hot iOS Studio Mic Will Make Your Sorry Skills Sound Good

Plenty of iOS and USB mics claim to capture rich "studio sound". Most of them suck. Blue Microphones' new Spark Digital is different, and you can tell just by looking at it. Read More >>

This Whole Town Was Painted Blue for The Smurfs Movie, and Liked It So Much They're Keeping It Blue

The Smurfs made a terrible movie but did one good thing: they're adding more colour to the world. Juzcar, a town in Southern Spain, was painted blue for the movie as a sort of publicity stunt but the residents loved it so much they want to keep their homes all blue everything. Read More >>


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