The World's Most Advanced Scrabble Set: LEDs, RFID and £19,000

This is the world's most advanced Scrabble set. Packed with LEDs, RFID sensors and fancy software, it's the cutting-edge in boardgames — and it's worth a cool £19,000. Read More >>

Scrabble Cheater Cheats at National Championships

Cheating in the living room is one thing, but getting kicked out of a national championship for cheating is something else completely and definitely has to be a pretty low point in life, as one top US Scrabble player found after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles. Read More >>

Bio-Engineering Board Game Sounds Like More Fun Than Running a Monopoly f

The best board games also teach important life skills. Scrabble improves spelling. Monopoly imparts valuable business strategies. And now Strain can make you a genetic engineer on par with Dr. Moreau. Read More >>


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