Pensioner's WWII Shell Causes Museum Bomb Scare

A pensioner's well-intentioned donation of an unexploded World War II shell to a local museum resulted in an army call out last weekend, over fears the device may still have been live. Read More >>

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Incredibly Clear Footage Shows the Blast Effect of 1953 Atomic Bomb

AtomCentral shows us some amazingly clear HD footage restored from 1953 of the Atomic Cannon test from Upshot-Knothole Grable in Nevada. In the video, you can see cars, jeeps, buses and tanks against the backdrop of the massive blast's initial burst and shockwave. The blast eventually swallows everything. Read More >>

Careful, the Great Flood is Washing Up Unexploded WWII Bombs

The monstrous storms and very big waves we've been battered by so far in 2014 have been producing some exciting finds for beachcombers, with unexploded bombs turning up to worry dog walkers on some parts of our coastline. Read More >>

This is What a Ground-Penetrating Nuclear Bomb Impact Looks Like

A ground-penetrating nuclear bomb has been used for the first time in six years on US soil—but, fortunately, without its nuclear warhead in place. Read More >>

The Pigeon-Guided Missiles and Bat Bombs of World War II

Ever heard of Project Pigeon andProject X-Ray, the WWII plans to use pigeons to guide missiles and (literal) bat bombers? Read More >>

Why Nuclear Bombs Create Mushroom Clouds

Why do nuclear bombs make mushroom clouds? The phenomenon all comes down to a little something called the Rayleigh-Taylor instability, and by extension, convection. I'll begin with the somewhat longer, but less geeky explanation before descending once again into extreme nerdery.
It all starts with an explosion that creates a Pyrocumulus Cloud. This ball of burning hot gases is accelerated outwardly in all directions. Since the burning ball of accelerated gases is hotter, and therefore less dense, than the surrounding air, it will begin to rise- in the case of nuclear explosions, extremely rapidly. This ultimately forms the mushroom cap. Read More >>

Guy Builds a Bomb Just With Stuff You Can Buy After Airport Security

Just in case you were still being fooled into thinking that the TSA is good for, well, anything, follow along with You Tube contributor Terminal Cornucopia as he constructs a home-made "FRAGGuccino" from stuff you can buy from airport terminal kiosks—you know the ones you can enter after passing through security. Read More >>

The Latest Weapon Against Terrorists: Sewage Sniffing Bomb Sensors

Bad guys can't just close their window shades to hide from the law anymore. A European research group has developed a high tech way to detect bomb makers and illegal drug labs, by sniffing what they flush down the toilet. Read More >>

Dolphin Sonar Can Help to Uncover Roadside Bombs and IEDs

Some say that swimming with dolphins can have healing properties, but the super-smart aquatic mammals may have a far more tangible gift to bestow upon mankind. A team of British researchers have been inspired by the dolphin's sonar to create a remarkably accurate and cheap to produce bomb sensor. Read More >>

The National Guard Accidentally Practice-Bombed a Bar Parking Lot

Forget governmental spying, the US National Guard up and dropped an inert practice bomb into a Maryland bar parking lot Thursday night. Read More >>

Al-Qaeda Can Turn Clothes into Explosives By Dipping Them in Liquid

ABC News is reporting that al Qaeda has come up with a "new generation of liquid explosives" for a potential attack. The scary thing is that the bomb "would not be detected by current security measures". Even scarier is that a US official called the new method "ingenious". Well, then. Read More >>

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America Gussies Up Its Biggest Bunker Buster to Nix Iranian Nukes

The GBU-57A-B Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is 5,300 pounds of high explosive wrapped in 30,000 pounds of steel, and designed to obliterate fortified positions and underground bunkers from the inside. Developed by the US Air Force with help from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and built by Boeing, the £300 million MOP project is the largest Bunker Buster bomb in the US arsenal by a good 25,000 pounds; capable of burrowing through 60 feet of reinforced concrete. But the MOP may have met its match in Iran's Fordow nuclear enrichment complex. This 300-centrifuge facility isn't just tucked safely underground, it's buried under an entire mountain. Not even an MOP can punch through that much Earth—yet. Read More >>

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North Korea Is Putting Its Rockets on Standby for Fire After the US Made a Show of Force with Stealth Bombers

According to Reuters, North Korea has readied its rockets to attack US military bases in South Korea and the Pacific Ocean after the US made a show of force by flying stealth bombers over South Korea. Kim Jong Un had apparently signed off an order for North Korea's rockets to be "on standby for fire". Read More >>

What the Hell, A Live Bomb Was Found Inside a Squid's Stomach

A Chinese fishmonger was going about his business when he randomly discovered a bomb... inside the stomach of a squid he was gutting. Apparently, a three-pound squid had swallowed an eight-inch bomb on accident. The bomb was live. Read More >>

Margaret Thatcher's Bomb-Proof Rolling 1980s Battle Bus Sold for £17k

Some lucky political historian and/or transport enthusiast has just acquired an extremely bizarre and unique vehicle, with this custom-made, strengthened bus, once used to shuffle the lady PM between appointments, fetching £16,940 at auction. Read More >>

North Korea Has Just Tested a Nuclear Bomb

This isn't good. North Korea has reportedly conducted a nuclear test. Unusual seismic activity in the region was detected that indicated a nuclear bomb, and South Korea has told a United Nations Security Council diplomat that North Korea has just performed a nuclear test. Read More >>


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