Breasts Age Faster Than the Rest of a Woman's Body

The breasts of women seem to age more quickly than the rest of their body, according to new research which uses DNA analysis of tissue and blood to measure the rate of cell decline. Read More >>

A NASA Scientist Made an App Dedicated to More Secure Boobs

Bras are pretty much some of the oldest pieces of tech around — the undergarment can even trace its roots all the way back to the freelovin' days of ancient Greece. So as something most women wear nearly every day, it's amazing how many studies have come out claiming that ladies everywhere our wearing their bras all wrong. ThirdLove, a new app headed up by a NASA scientist-led engineering team, hopes to change all that with nothing more than an iPhone and a few snapshots. Read More >>

Officially NSFW: YouTube's Naked Lady Problem (NSFW)

Until last week, I'd never actually listened to anything that Robin Thicke had released. Then someone dropped Blurred Lines into our group chat. And, well, I liked it. Because, well, nekkid. Rather than disappear into a cloud of censorship, the YouTube left the video up for six days. Read More >>

German Soldiers Are Growing Man-Boobs

Armies have always said that doing drill for you is good. But it's not. Apart from the whole tedious marching-around-and-stamping-like-petulant-children aspect of it, it can also cause big, butch soldiers to grow breasts. Yeah. Soldiers with boobies. Read More >>

Squeezing Boobs Can Stop Breast Cancer

If you need another excuse to show some love to the mammaries, scientists have found that squeezing breasts can actually prevent malignant breast cells from triggering cancer. Yes, squeezing. Guys and gals, do your part in stopping cancer, please. Read More >>

Facebook Took Down This Picture Because It Thinks Elbows Are Boobs

Elbows and boobs. Both are great in their own special ways, but they are definitely not the same thing. You and I might know that well enough, but it seems that Facebook has a little more trouble with the distinction. That's why they took down this elbowlicious picture. Read More >>

Wonderbra Built a Free App That Lets You Strip a Model Down to Her Skivvies

Sex sells. Blah, blah, blah. Wonderbra's lingerie x-ray vision app masquerading as an ad campaign is pretty incredible. Read More >>

Your Double-Ds Could be Putting Your Health in Danger

Some women and girls — and certainly many men — will be happy to hear that women's breasts today are on average larger than they've ever been before. But this isn't necessarily good news. Read More >>

Boobstagram Is How You Will Spend the Rest of Your Day

Boobstagram. You already know what it is. Hell, you're not even reading this anymore. You're already on page 3. Don't worry, there's plenty more to go. As of right now, there are 53 pages of Instagram boob pictures. You got a full day of NSFW work ahead of you. Read More >>

Android-Themed Manga Comic Breaks Down the Drama

The world of Android is complicated. One company hates another, some are secretly sharing beds... my God, it's just like high school! Well, a Manga arteeest took that concept and ran with it: welcome to Sweet Android High School. Read More >>


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