Some Cheap iPods, iPads, and WD Live TVs From HMV Are Your "It's Not Quite a Fire Sale, But It's Better Than Nothing" Deal of the Day

HMV's future is still in some jeopardy, although Sir Elton John is riding in to the rescue, with big talk about instore performances that are more likely to cause riots than retail recoveries. Read More >>

A Nikon D3100 Is Your Moustache-Photography-Special Deal of the Day

It's Movember! The annual event where men sprout upper lip fur in an attempt to raise much-needed cash for cancer. If you're taking part, perhaps you'd like to record your efforts day by day with some photographs of your slowly-sprouting moustache. Read More >>

Wahl Hair Clippers Are This Baldy's Deal of the Day

Times are hard and revenue streams are scarce. We need to stop relying on traditional methods of generating income and look instead to nature. We need to harness the power of our HAIR. Read More >>

A Cheap PC Is Your Perfect Second-Box-For-Windows-8 Deal of the Day

Are you unhappy with the number of computers that you’ve got running in your home at any one time? Got a bit of space in a corner somewhere for another desktop PC? Come with us…. Read More >>

GTA For Just 69p Is Your Portable Pedestrian-Squishing Deal of the Day

Come with us as we attempt to lure you to the wrong side of the tracks, tempting you with an exhilarating life of crime, vice and wanton destruction. But you won’t have the cops knocking on your door and you can have a cup of tea with it. Read More >>


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