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Virgin's Pumping Wi-Fi Down the Tube

By Sam Gibbs on at

We heard that the Tube was going to get free Wi-Fi in stations before the Olympics, but now London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced that it’ll be Virgin who’s handling the initially-free service for Transport for London. It’ll be shoving in hotspot gear into 80 stations across the network to come online in July, with a further 40 to be Wi-Fi-enabled before the year is out.

Drivers Out -- London's Set to Get More Driverless Tubes

By Sam Gibbs on at

A couple of lines on the London underground are already ‘driverless’ – the Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines are automated right now. Now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, wants all drivers to hop-out-of-it to turn the entire network into a well-oiled automated machine without all that fleshy human weakness.