Kingston, Enfield and Waltham Forest to Become "Mini-Holland" Cycling Havens

Amsterdam, without the canals, windmills, joints and hookers. That's (sort of) Boris Johnson's £100 million vision for London's suburbs, as the Mayor looks to make the outlying areas of the capital more cyclist-friendly. Read More >>

Segregated Cycle Tracks Coming to London's Worst Junctions in £300m Upgrade

The London Mayor has announced a plan to radically rework some of the most dangerous junctions in London, with 33 of the deadliest cycling spots set to benefit from full bike-friendly redesigns. Bow roundabout, Marble Arch and Blackfriars are some of the most hellish cycle spots on the rebuild list. Read More >>

A Silver Routemaster Will be the Star of London's "Year of the Bus"

Already today  we've celebrated the iconic red double decker by revealing 18 little-known facts about London's buses, and now Mayor Boris Johnson has officially kicked off 2014's "Year of the Bus" by announcing a host of events inspired by London's arterial bus service. Read More >>

The Thames Cable-Car-to-Nowhere Takings Have Plummeted

Poor old North Greenwich, the inaccessible bit of London's docklands that struggled to find something to do with the Millennium Dome for years, would appear to have a new redundant bit of infrastructure on its hands. The cable car, one of the 2012 Olympics' highlights, isn't exactly pulling people in. Read More >>

Boris Flunks IQ Test Questions in Live Radio Interview

Boris Johnson found himself flailing and blabbering more than usual yesterday, when a radio host asked him IQ test questions mid-interview. He got the first two wrong, then stopped playing ball when the third teaser was put to him. Read More >>

The 5 Most Awkward Moments with Boris Johnson to Date

Earlier this week, Twitter revealed the UK top trends list of 2012: top of the list came Boris Johnson dancing with the Prime Minister at the Olympic closing ceremony -- a moment we'd probably rather forget. Amidst the Bullingdon Club membership and the shaggy blonde hair, will we ever learn to take Boris seriously? Here are five reasons why he deserves the Twitter accolade this year. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 5

Yes! Finally! We've won not one, but two whole gold medal events. But that's not all that's been happening in a day of Lolympics. Good ol'Boris, hilariously, got stuck hanging from a zip-line waving flags, while Beats actually managed to beat the Olympic brand police. Eight badminton players also got caught fixing matches and banned, and you can now see what could happen to your legs as a cyclist (it's not pretty). Read More >>

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Boris Johnson Stuck on a Zip-Line Is the Biggest Olympic Attraction of the Day

Oh dear, Boris. The fluffy-headed Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, went a bit too far in trying to show his devotion to the Olympics. He got stuck halfway down a zip-line, making a right tit of himself, union jacks in hand. Read More >>

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What If Boris Johnson's Official Olympic Games Welcome Message Was a Tad More Truthful?

Cassetteboy's been at it again, remixing public figures into hilariously compromising sentences. This time good ol'Boris Johnson and the Olympics are in its sights. Here's a slightly more accurate Olympic welcome message that I reckon we should play to every incoming athlete and visitor. Read More >>

Amazon Sets Sights On London For New Digital Media Office

The world's biggest and most popular e-tailer, Amazon, will be opening a new digital media development centre in London to work on key projects for the business and to make Boris Johnson a very happy man. Read More >>

Boris Johnson Accused of Unfollowing Procedure in Twitter Name Fight

The Labour party has complained about Boris Johnson's use of the London Mayor's Twitter feed, after Johnson changed the name of the account from "Mayor of London" to "Boris Johnson" -- a move which the red side of London claimed was tantamount to a hijacking the mayor's 250,000 followers. Read More >>

Virgin's Pumping Wi-Fi Down the Tube

We heard that the Tube was going to get free Wi-Fi in stations before the Olympics, but now London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced that it’ll be Virgin who’s handling the initially-free service for Transport for London. It’ll be shoving in hotspot gear into 80 stations across the network to come online in July, with a further 40 to be Wi-Fi-enabled before the year is out. Read More >>

Drivers Out -- London's Set to Get More Driverless Tubes

A couple of lines on the London underground are already ‘driverless’ – the Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines are automated right now. Now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, wants all drivers to hop-out-of-it to turn the entire network into a well-oiled automated machine without all that fleshy human weakness. Read More >>


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