Why Does BBM For Android Have a Tonne of Horribly Fake Reviews?

So BBM for Android and iOS finally made it out after some delays. And how is it? "Really great user friendly and smooth" apparently. At least, according to the legion of bots that are leaving positive reviews on Google Play. Read More >>

Want Your Own British Botnet? That'll Be Just £53 Please

If you're in need a zombie-PC army, for whatever nefarious or good-intentioned task you've got in mind, it might not cost you as much as you'd think. How does £17 per 1,000 machines sound? Hell, with just £133 in your pocket you can set up your own 10,000-machine cluster. Read More >>

Is Android Being Framed For This Botnet Spam Mess?

Reports of an Android botnet have been flying around from both Microsoft and Sophos, but it looks like someone might be attempting to frame Android using spoofed email signatures. Has Microsoft, Apple or someone else craving the downfall of Android gone a little bit too far? Read More >>

Apple Softens Its Virus Immunity Claims

Apple's quietly changed the wording on its site regarding OSX's virus protection a tad. Looks like Apple's hand was forced by the embarrassing Flashback botnet attack last month and its tardy response. Macs aren't quite as invulnerable as Apple used to boast. Read More >>

Russian Koobface Gang Named and Shamed For Facebook Hacking

Facebook’s had enough of worms targeting its users; both it and Sophos have taken the fight to the hackers with a WikiLeaks-style naming and shaming. A four-strong Russian hacking gang were behind the botnet, which has taken control of over 800,000 machines and terrorised millions. Read More >>

Researchers Glean 250GB of Facebook User Data with New Socialbot

Facebook's "Immune System" might not be as robust as Zuckerberg believes. In fact, four researchers from the University of British Colombia have recently demonstrated just how easily a new breed of bot can infiltrate the FB system and harvest user data. Read More >>


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