A Combination Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper is Just Useful

You know what's not a great idea? Doing any type of wiring or electrical work while consuming alcohol. You know what tool you should use to get the job done if you're going to ignore that advice? This bottle opener. Read More >>

The Most Awesomest Ways to Open a Beer

One of the most depressing things in the world: having a beer without a bottle opener. The carbonated deliciousness is looking at you through the glass, teasing you, popping your tastebuds. But of course, you don't need a bottle opener to open a beer. With the right amount of leverage, anything can open a bottle of beer. Just watch this video. Read More >>

How to Open 24 Beer Bottles at Once

YouTuber stopstopitstoofunny has posted this video of the world's ultimate bottle opener in action. Neatly hinged so that that it requires one long push to flip off the caps, this thing guarantees a positive start to an evening — though the ending may get a little sketchy. Read More >>

gift guide 2012
Boozy Gifts for Merry Drunkards

Yup, some people love to drink. And people who really truly love getting ripped can always appreciate a gadget that makes knocking one back a little easier. Here's some loot your thirstiest pal would love to find stashed away in a stocking. Read More >>

How to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Life's biggest tease: endless amounts of beer without a bottle opener in sight. What do you do? Household Hackers has 6 different ways to open the beer without an opener and they all work really well. Read More >>


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