You'll Appreciate the Brutal Honesty in These Updated Brand Slogans

Since advertising is all about the power of suggestion, it's fun to see what happens when the conceits of well-known campaigns are totally undermined. Honest Slogans takes well-known advertising and turns the slogan into some real talk about the product, or at least designer Clif Dickens's take on it. Read More >>

Tesco Ditching Baked Beans and Ready Meals From its "Finest" Range to Please the UK's Foodies

Tesco's about to re-jig the products it sells under its Finest brand, binning the baked beans and salty meats of uncertain origin and replacing them with more locally-sourced foods of which the "provenance" in provable. So there shouldn't be any grey EU chicken in the fish fingers. Read More >>

Can You Name the Brands Behind These 20 Translated Logos?

The logo of a multinational brand needs to be recognisable in any language, which is why so much time and effort goes into developing a strong design. But it's still fun to see what Subway's logo looks like in Chinese, or what Pizza Hut looks like in Farsi. Read More >>

Yahoo Announced a New Logo By Not Announcing a New Yahoo Logo

In what could possibly be the most convoluted way to put on a new pair of trousers, Yahoo has announced that it will be changing its infamous purple exclamation point logo into... something different. You see, it's not the new simple logo above, even though Yahoo posted an image of that new logo in a release talking about the new logo, and used that same new logo all over its Tumblr page, and is even using that new logo on No, no, no. I repeat, that is not the new logo. Read More >>

These Parody Logos of Famous Brands Are More Honest Than the Real Logos

Most company logos usually play it pretty safe: stale stencils or vanilla graphics mixed with a bunch of nothingness to keep uniqueness to a minimum. That's never fun. But if you get too adventurous, the Internet skewers you. That's why we're left with logos and brands that pretty much are all different degrees of the same. Read More >>

How Famous Logos Have Changed Over Time

All the logos you see around you? They're eventually going to change some day. It might be because they get outdated, or it might be because of a new CEO's quirky taste. It might even be because the company has some vain hope to rebrand itself as more modern, more friendly, or more whatever it is to get you to buy more of its products. Just take a look at some logos of famous brands. Even those that still look the same have added some embossing or shading. Read More >>

What Famous Ads Would Look Like Today

It's funny how fondly we look back at classic ads—print, commercials, anything—compared to how we react to ads today. That Apple 1984 commercial? Perfection. Those old VW Bug print ads? Soooo cute! Today? Ew banner ads. Ugh Flash. ZOMG what happened to my ad block!? There's no room for art in advertising anymore because we've all been conditioned to ignore the pixels dedicated to advertisements. Or from another perspective, ads are so tainted because they're all plastered with social media links that we can't take them seriously any more. Read More >>

If Superheroes Were Sponsored By Famous Brands

How do superheroes afford being, well, superheroes? It doesn't seem too lucrative a gig, given the time commitment and hazardous work conditions, but yet every hero still seems to make ends meet. But if superheroes are struggling financially, they should totally look into sponsoring themselves. Iron Man by McDonald's. Monster Hulk. Three-Stripe Wolverine. This is what sponsored superheroes would look like. Read More >>

Twitter's Bird Logo Was Inspired By a Middle Finger

When Twitter rebranded its old fat whale of a bird logo into the svelte upward jumping bird logo it is now, it went through a lot of early concepts to get the angle of the bird jusssst right. One of my favourite concepting sketches? The middle finger. Twitter should have totally used that bird as its real logo! Read More >>

Vintage Packaging of Famous Products Makes Me Want to Live in Yesterday

We just went to CES and saw a lot of the gadgets we'll be playing with in the future. But it didn't make me as excited as seeing all of these old products with vintage packaging. I wish every product could go back to its vintage packaging. Read More >>

The Ridiculous Requests That Ad Agencies Get

No matter how often you watch Mad Men, it ain't always booze, sex and cigarettes when it comes to advertising because of the brain numb clients. They always have ridiculous requests like making the Vikings nicer or making the logo bigger. It's hilarious what they ask for. Read More >>

YouTube is Top "Brand" Among the Students -- Greggs Only 19th

Google's online video sharing service has been voted the top international brand by the UK youth, with a representative sample of the nation's 18 to 24-year-olds picking it ahead of the likes of Apple, Facebook and the rest of the fashionable online crowd. Read More >>

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Check Out the Original Logos From These 10 Brands

A picture can paint a thousand words, but a logo only needs to say one. It might take a few decades for these companies to refine their style, but they've come a long way in finding their visual voice. Read More >>

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Changing Famous Logos to Comic Sans Ruins Every Logo

Comic Sans is so universally reviled on the Internet that it's become hilarious when people actually try to use it. I wish I could be like those people who can look at Comic Sans and just see it as a happy font. I wish I could see the entire world in Comic Sans and love it. I wish every company's logo was in Comic Sans. Read More >>

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10 of the Best Coke Bottle (and Can) Designs

Unlike their main competitor, Pepsi, Coca-Cola have kept the same classic logo ever since their inception in 1885! They have however changed a few things along the way. Particularly the design of their bottles and cans. The bottle design that most of us recognise was praised by none other than Andy Warhol, as "a design icon". We take a look at the morphology of the fizzy stuff over the years. Read More >>

So That's Why Your Girlfriend Turns Into a Beast Once a Month

When you see adverts for things like Bodyform on the goggle box, you could be forgiven for thinking that women have an absolutely awesome time once a month. Or at least that's what one bloke thought, who then complained bitterly on Facebook. So, what does a brand do? Why fight back, of course, with the most hilariously bitchy video possible. Touché. Read More >>


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