Man Pays £450 for a Loaf of Bread -- And Doesn't Notice

Shopper John Brown popped into his local ASDA to buy bread, eggs and jam, three of the four cornerstones of a healthy diet (the fourth cornerstone is sausages, which we assume he already had at home). Three days later his bank refused to let him withdraw cash, and only then did he realise he'd been charged £450 for a loaf in an ASDA misprice/checkout catastrophe. He's getting a refund. [Metro] Read More >>

Lamps Made From Real Bread Must Smell Delicious

There's no incense, air freshener, or scented candle on earth that smells as good as freshly baked bread. So turning a loaf into a warm glowing lamp that probably smells amazing is worthy of some kind of award, right? If not the Nobel Prize, then definitely your hard earned money. Read More >>

Researchers Can Make Bread Stay Fresh for 60 Days

Most foods deteriorate over time, but bread's a major culprit, often going stale after just a couple of days. Now, though, a US research company claims to be able to make your loaf stay fresh for up to 60 whole days. Read More >>

These Working Gadgets are Made of Bread

Currently working on her Masters Degree in Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, designer Nitsan Debbi's latest product combine two unlikely media: bread dough and electronics. Read More >>

For the Gluten-Intolerant, a Better-Tasting Bread. Finally.

As a baby, I was diagnosed with celiac disease—my body is unable to process gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and malt, that gives bread its elastic quality. If I eat it, I throw up, so I avoid gluten entirely. It's mostly easy; I just avoid breaded foods and, sadly, beer. Read More >>


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