Breathing Smarter For Better Performance

During any form of physical exertion, most people don't think about breath until they're gasping for it. The most advanced exercisers among us are conscious of trying to breathe lower, into their bellies. But there's an even better way, and making this simple switch will get more oxygen into your blood, faster. Read More >>

Your Awful Breath Has Its Own Fingerprint

The next time you wake up with morning breath, you can take pride that though it smells bad, no one else's is quite like yours. According to a recent study, you've got a "breathprint" that is not only unique to you, but could also predict diseases. Read More >>

Your Breath Has Harmful Acids That Can Damage Your Camera Lens

I can't even count how many times I used my breath to fog up a camera lens to wipe it down clean. It's the photog equivalent of blowing into those old NES cartridges. I swear it works! Turns out, we might be ruining our camera lenses because our breath has harmful acids that can damage them. Read More >>

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Why You Have Bad Breath in the Morning

You brush. You floss. You swish some burning mint-laced liquid around in your mouth until it hurts. You go to bed with an oral hygiene gold star, and you wake up with white gloop connecting your lips and some vile odour emanating from it. What the hell happens in our mouths while we sleep? Read More >>


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