Icelandic Innovators are Making Beer out of Whales

These days brewers get pretty creative with what they put in their beer. You can get beer containing anything from doughnuts to moon dust. And, wacky as it is, weird beer is a pretty fun conversation starter. That is, until you start putting endangered species in it. Read More >>

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The Science of Non-Alcoholic Beer

"Blasphemy! A crime against nature!" Yes, many people feel the same way about non-alcoholic beer as they do about decaffeinated espresso. "It's just wrong and what's the point?" is the thinking. Yes, yes, you're very cool, now sit down and shut up. Read More >>

BA Develops New Mile-High Tea Bag for Ultimate In-Air Refreshment

The amazing innovations in complex modern tea-baggery continue, with airline BA teaming up with tea specialist Twinings to develop a special blend that takes into account the variations in taste and temperatures experienced while scooting about 30,000 feet up in the sky. Read More >>

£150 Rotating Podule Tea Machine Promises Perfect Cuppa in Two Minutes

The Beverage Lab (!) at idea specialist Cambridge Consultants has come up with a machine it claims can automate the tea making process, using small tea capsules to deliver tea at an unprecedented level of quality. Read More >>

Beer Brewing Is Hands Down the Best Use of the Raspberry Pi to Date

We've seen tanks, musical instruments, DSLR add-ons and, of course, gaming consoles built out of the wonderful little Raspberry Pi, but the BrewPi is the best invention of the lot. Beer brewing automated thanks to the Pi? Pure genius. Read More >>

Brew Your Own Beer From 11p Per Pint Thanks to This Georgian-Era Recipe

A recipe for brewing beer from 1825 has been rediscovered that’ll show you how to brew your own ale for just 11p per pint, but the ingredients are, umm, a bit weird. Read More >>


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