Dolby Develops 4,000-nit "Pulsar" Television Tech

Audio specialist Dolby is preparing to assault our eyes for a change, demonstrating super-bright TV display technology, offering a 4,000-nit output that dwarfs that 100-nit norm that most of today's sets approach. Read More >>

Apple Has its Eye on Auto-Adjusting Screen Contrast Patent

Apple's latest niche little patent idea covers automatically adjusting mobile displays. Such systems have been around for years, but Apple's new idea uses the contrast level of media rather than ambient light to set its display level. Read More >>

Every Phone Should Have This Mode That Won't Blind You in the Dark

You know that feeling. You're in a dark room, maybe you just woke up, and you reach for your phone to check something and—BAM!—you're assaulted by its full brightness and effectively blind and squinting for the next 30 seconds. Or maybe you just want to text at the movies. Microsoft has a potential fix for that. Read More >>


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