RIAA and BPI Use Pirated Code on Their Website Because of Course They Do

The RIAA is a real stickler about copyright. It basically wants to turn Google into its own private Internet copyright police, to make sure the Internet is free of offending links. But as we've learned before, the RIAA doesn't always feel like paying attention to copyright laws itself, and over the weekend, we learned that this applies even when adhering to copyright doesn't cost a cent. Read More >>

BPI Moves to take Down Pirate Party's Pirate Bay Proxy

The Pirate Party has been providing a very useful forwarding service on behalf of the Pirate Bay, enabling those whose ISPs have blocked the service to easilly access the popular torrent site. Which has angered the British Phonographic Industry, as you might expect. Read More >>

BPI Wants More Torrent Sites Added to ISP's Pirate Bay Block List

After successfully helping get (direct) access to the Pirate Bay officially blocked across all of the UK's key ISPs, the BPI is now said to be trying to add more torrent sites to the piracy blockade. Read More >>


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