Ofcom Charts the Rise in Average UK Broadband Speeds -- But Rural Networks Still Crawling

The average UK broadband speed now sits at 17.8Mbps according to the latest study conducted by regulators Ofcom. That's up more than 3Mbps over the past six months, and a significant rise from the 3.6Mbps average that Ofcom found when it first started studying broadband speeds back in November 2008. Read More >>

Sky and TalkTalk Battle BT's Fibre Dominance With 1Gb FTTP Wire-up of York

Brave people of York! There is another way! As well as desperately checking your exchange data for news while BT rolls out its fibre broadband, Sky and TalkTalk are joining with CityFibre to bring a rival "ultra-fast" network to the city. Read More >>

BT's Rural Broadband Plans Criticised by MPs for Lacking Useful Details

The complex plan to wire up the messier rural parts of the country have been criticised by a group of MPs again, who say that BT's failing to provide accurate future coverage and speed data and also accuse it of altering plans to freeze out the competition. Read More >>

In No Surprising News Whatsoever, ISPs are Failing Their Customers According to Which? Survey

Rubbish speeds, intermittent connections and poor customer services are the norm for British broadband customers, a new survey commissioned by consumer watchdog Which? reveals. Read More >>

The UK's Crappy Broadband Speeds is Another Thing You Can Blame on Thatcher

She brought down the miners and the unions, and it now seems that Margaret Thatcher also prevented the UK from becoming one of the world's leading digital economies by short-sightedly vetoing plans that would have made the UK one of the earliest fully-fibre equipped broadband territories around the globe. Read More >>

PM Promises to Free Up White Space for "Internet of Things" and Invest in 5G Development

David Cameron has used a speech at CeBIT 2014 to talk about the "Internet of Things," suggesting that with Ofcom freeing up more parts of the UK's spectrum for commercial use our economy could benefit to the tune of £100bn by the year 2025. Read More >>

The Promising (But Problematic) Future of Ultra-Fast Internet

While you weren't looking, the internet got super fast. I'm not talking fibre-optic fast. I'm talking Star Trek fast. Today, it's not just possible to download a movie in seconds. New technology makes it easy to download dozens of movies in fractions of a second. Fast is almost too slow a word to describe such speed. Read More >>

Virgin Media's Porn Filters Switch on Just in Time for 152Mbps Upgrade

152Mbps? Just think of all the porn you could download with that! Wait, what? Oh... Read More >>

This New Laser Makes Fibre Optic Networks 20x Better

You've got to be excited when scientists invent a new kind of laser, especially one that stands to replace the one we've been using for fibre optic communications for the last 40 years. A team of CalTech researchers did just that. Read More >>

South Korea's Internet is More Oppressive Than You Think

There's been a lot of reaction in the past couple of weeks over news that South Korea is building a new broadband network that will be 50 times faster than the average connection in the United Kingdom. That's fast! Too bad South Koreans won't be able to use maps or access thousands of sites. Read More >>

Tech Life in a Rural Place That Isn't London

It's a bit "London!" around here sometimes, isn't it? London's getting a new train. People ride bikes in London now, don't you know? London's getting a special type of coffee only for London people. London's got a new skyscraper shaped like a spatula. And so on. Read More >>

Fibre Broadband Spreads Across Rural Britain as Switch on Day Commences (Updated)

About bloody time: After monopolising the UK's rural fibre broadband roll-out (and dragging its heels in the process of activating the network), today BT is flipping the switch to "On" in what the DCMS is dubbing "Super Switch on Day". Read More >>

Britain's Next-Gen Global Xpress Broadband Satellites Pop Into Space

The first of London-based Inmarsat's Global Xpress satellites has launched from the Baikonaur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, with the aim being to provide a faster global network of broadband for governments, businesses, ships and aeroplanes by the end of 2014. Read More >>

Sky Broadband's Porn Filters Ready to Respond to Cameron's Smut Crusade

David Cameron and conservative, Daily-Mail-reading middle England demanded it, and Sky have now complied. Sky Broadband's Shield system is now up and running, ready to spare your family from the "horrors" of internet pornography. Read More >>

Unlimited 152Mb Broadband From Virgin Media Will Go "Far Beyond BT"

Virgin Media has announced plans to roll-out its 152Mb broadband services early next year. An unlimited usage package, Branson's broadband will be "twice as fast" as "any other widely available service", setting its sights on rivals reliant on "old copper telephony infrastructure". Read More >>

Steve Wozniak Unimpressed With iPad Air, Plus: He Doesn't Have Broadband!

He may have once been Steve Jobs's right-hand man, but Steve Wozniak couldn't give a damn about Apple's newly-revealed iPad Air. Read More >>


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