Did You Watch Murray Beat Djokovic In 3D?

Given that the BBC's about to can 3D for good at least three years, the Wimbledon Men's final was probably the last live 3D broadcast you'll ever see out of the Beeb. So, did you watch it in all its stereoscopic glory? Read More >>

The BBC's Going to Shove Up to 40 Hours of TV On iPlayer First

Looks like the BBC wants to get in on the online-only game, and not just with catch-up content. The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead for a 12-month trial putting up to 40 hours of TV content online ahead of traditional broadcast. Feeling the pressure from Netflix, perhaps? Read More >>

An Apple TV That Changes Channel Automatically When an Advert Comes On? Yes Please

TV these days is a bit hit and miss. There's the odd gem, but most of it's utter tosh. Thankfully, Apple's been thinking about our TV-watching plight. No longer will you have to grab the remote and scour the channels when something crap like Coronation Street comes on -- your box will automatically switch channels or pump out something pre-recorded to save your eyes, with zero effort on your part. Read More >>

A News Broadcast Reenacted Olympic Highlights with Lego

Because showing highlights of the Olympics can be quite the political mess of air rights and restrictions and licensing and sponsors and other BS like that, ABC News in Australia decided to circumvent the issue by re-creating the women's 100m hurdles finals with Lego. It's awesome. Read More >>


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