Ofcom Charts the Rise in Average UK Broadband Speeds -- But Rural Networks Still Crawling

The average UK broadband speed now sits at 17.8Mbps according to the latest study conducted by regulators Ofcom. That's up more than 3Mbps over the past six months, and a significant rise from the 3.6Mbps average that Ofcom found when it first started studying broadband speeds back in November 2008. Read More >>

Sky and TalkTalk Battle BT's Fibre Dominance With 1Gb FTTP Wire-up of York

Brave people of York! There is another way! As well as desperately checking your exchange data for news while BT rolls out its fibre broadband, Sky and TalkTalk are joining with CityFibre to bring a rival "ultra-fast" network to the city. Read More >>

BT's Rural Broadband Plans Criticised by MPs for Lacking Useful Details

The complex plan to wire up the messier rural parts of the country have been criticised by a group of MPs again, who say that BT's failing to provide accurate future coverage and speed data and also accuse it of altering plans to freeze out the competition. Read More >>

YouView Safe for a Further Five Years as BBC Pledges Continued Support

YouView's good to go for another five years after retaining the support and investment of all its major backers. Read More >>

BT is Being Investigated After Claims it Exposed User Data

BT is being investigated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) due to a whistleblower's claims that it "exposed user credentials en masse," as users' email accounts were moved from a Yahoo-based system. Read More >>

The UK's Crappy Broadband Speeds is Another Thing You Can Blame on Thatcher

She brought down the miners and the unions, and it now seems that Margaret Thatcher also prevented the UK from becoming one of the world's leading digital economies by short-sightedly vetoing plans that would have made the UK one of the earliest fully-fibre equipped broadband territories around the globe. Read More >>

Cameron's ISP Porn Filters Backfire, Blocking Safe Sex Education Sites

We never wanted ‘em, but we got ‘em anyway. The roll-out of UK ISP’s government-mandated porn filters is in full swing, with the four major providers switching on their blockers. But, as expected, each has a very unique view of what constitutes “hardcore pornography”. Read More >>

Fibre Broadband Spreads Across Rural Britain as Switch on Day Commences (Updated)

About bloody time: After monopolising the UK's rural fibre broadband roll-out (and dragging its heels in the process of activating the network), today BT is flipping the switch to "On" in what the DCMS is dubbing "Super Switch on Day". Read More >>

BT Sets Default Porn Filter to "On" for New Customers

New users of BT's broadband service will find their ability to accidentally stumble across the exact kind of pornography they like severely limited, thanks to the ISP wing of the company making its adult content filters live. Read More >>

BT Becomes the Most Complained About Broadcaster, Thanks to Broken BT Sport Launch

The arrival of BT Sport and all the hassle it brought with it saw complaints about BT's TV services more than double, as the phone giant made a bit of a mess of its transition to sports broadcaster. Read More >>

BT Does Deal to Bring Sky Movies to its Various Boxes

BT has convinced deadly media rival Sky to bring its film channels to its set-top boxes and online channels, with the Sky Movies bundles coming to BT's streaming and on-demand TV services later this month. Read More >>

Rural Broadband Mess Handed BT a Near-Monopoly and Was a Rip-Off, Say MPs

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has declared the UK's rural broadband plan a complete disaster, after the so-called bidding process led to BT winning every single one of the contracts -- and all the money -- to wire remote communities up to faster broadband. Read More >>

BT's Shutting Down Dial-Up

Wait, people still use dial-up? Apparently so, and it costs more to use dial-up than it does to just pay for broadband. Either way, BT's pulling the plug on the 1st of September, so it's either get update or go dark. Read More >>

Can Anyone Actually Get BT's Crazy-Fast 300Mbps Broadband?

BT's just thrown up a new checker to see whether you can get its blazingly-fast 300Mbps broadband for just £50 a month with fibre-to-the-home. I've checked, and I'm out, but can anyone actually get it? And if so, are you tempted. It is 300-freaking-megabit after all. Read More >>

BT's Full-Bore 300Mbps Fibre Will Only Cost £50 a Month

We've heard many times before that BT's been testing its stonkingly quick 300Mbps fibre, but now we have a price and a rough timeframe. 300Mbps can be yours for just £50 a month (plus line rental, of course) from later this year. No traffic shaping, no limits, just absolutely blazing broadband. Read More >>

An Iconic BT Red Phone Box Is Your Ultimate-Garden-Accessory Deal of the Day

Today, we're offering you a unique chance to own an iconic piece of British history, and we're not talking about a Jim'll Fix It medal (although we've got a crate of them that are going nowhere in a hurry). Read More >>


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