Five Scientific Steps to Pouring the Perfect Beer at Home

Pouring beer at home can be hit and miss: too much foam, not enough, and never ever the same as in a bar, that's for sure. But help is at hand, in the form of beer science. Read More >>

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Watch Soap Bubbles Destroyed by Frigid Winter Cold

At least it doesn't look like a violent end for the bubbles. They don't really shatter, they just sort of vaporise into little wisps, and drift off into the icy breeze. It's almost more mesmerising to watch than it would be if they stayed whole. See, you can have fun outdoors, even when it's frost-on-your-eye-lashes cold. [NightHawkInLight] Read More >>

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Watch These Giant Bubbles Exploding in Slow Motion

There are few better sentences than one that includes the words "giant", "bubbles", "exploding" and "slow motion". Well, there's one thing better: a video that fits that sentence. Read More >>

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Exploding Giant Bubbles Will Never Get Old

Though we can never be in awe of bubbles like we once were, we can still have fun with them. Lots of fun! And the easiest way to have more fun with bubbles is to go bigger and add in slow motion to capture the exploding bubbles. When you see these giant bubbles get popped in the park, they disappear instantaneously. When you see it in slow motion from Shanks FX, you see the water fireworks that follows the sphere-ish liquid amoeba. Read More >>

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Parabolic Soap Bubbles Are All About Math...And Bubbles!

Childhood summers are all about blowing iridescent soap bubbles out of plastic wands. It seems like a short-lived activity, but somehow it provides endless fascination. Involving an Arduino and some stepper motors might seem like overkill, but these parabolic bubbles are pretty mesmerising. Read More >>

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Start Your Day Right With a Daft Punk Laser Bubble Rave

Lasers, bubbles, edge-tracking, and Daft Punk are all pretty awesome in their own separate ways, but put together, they can put one one hell of a useless, random, but awesome show. Read More >>

The Science of Beer Bubbles

Booze is prime territory for the appliance of science. But while we normally use biology to explain bad hangovers or chemistry to create new cocktails, there's plenty of science lurking within your humble glass of beer, too. Read More >>

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This Is Not an Alien Planet

This might look like a satellite image of an alien planet, or the cover of a questionable sci-fi novel. But in fact it's neither: incredibly, it's a photograph of a humble soap bubble. Read More >>

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Watch These Dry Ice Bubbles Turn Into Swirling Alien Planets

It doesn't take a genius to realise dry ice is awesome, and with Halloween right around the corner, you're bound to be seeing a lot of it. But did you know dry ice bubbles can be used as a practical effect to make whirling, churning alien planets? Read More >>

Everyone Will Love This Foam-Generating Beer Mug

Why should your foam intake be limited to only the first few sips? It shouldn't. Not any more. Jokki Hour is the "sparkling beer mug" that uses a simple button-activated lever to tap the bottom of your mug, thus sending a rush of foamy bubbles soaring to the surface. Read More >>

Bubble Hourglass Appears to Flow Backwards

Who knew that by just replacing the sand in an hourglass with soapy liquid you could defy the laws of space, time, and physics and make it appear to flow in reverse? But that's exactly what happens with this Awaglass timer. Read More >>

Researchers Turn Bubbles Into Laser-Controlled Microrobots

Of all the exotic space-age materials you can use to build a robot, we never thought bubbles would be a viable option. But researchers at the University of Hawaii have done just that with a microscopic robot creation made from a single bubble controlled by a laser. Read More >>

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Add Bubbles to Any Booze Without Watering It Down

Bubbles are amazing. They seem to make any drink (or bath) more fun, more refreshing. Ever wish you could carbonate your whiskey, or wine, or mixed drink without diluting it with watery, zero-percent-alcohol liquid? The Perlini System by Perlage was built to do just that. Oh hell yes. Read More >>

New Technique Takes to Bursting Bubbles Zapped With Frickin' Lasers Inside You to Kill Off Your Cancer

We already have some particularly effective anti-cancer drugs in our armoury, but the biggest problem is that they also nuke your own cells. Researchers have been working up ways of delivering those cancer nuking drugs to the diseased cells only, to better kill off those nasty tumours and save your life. Bursting bubbles with lasers to rip open cancer cells could be the answer. Read More >>

Glowing Bubbles Turn Any Occasion Into a Kid-Safe Rave

I don't know why black lights make everything cooler, but they do. And if your ten-year-old has been asking for a rave-themed birthday party, these Tekno Black Light Bubbles are the perfect favour. You know, instead of psychedelic drugs and alcohol. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Mysterious Colossal 'Soap Bubbles' In the Middle of Our Galaxy

Scientists have discovered two gigantic structures resembling soap bubbles in the middle of the Milky Way, above and below the galactic plane. How gigantic? 25,000 light-years tall, one quarter the size of our galaxy! They are not sure where they are coming from. Read More >>


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