Apple Knows What's Nuking Your iOS 6.1 Battery Life and Is Fixing it

If you've got bugs in your products you'd assume the company who made them is going to fix them, but it's reassuring that Apple's come out and said it specifically. Apparently Cupertino's identified the bug that's killing iOS 6.1 iPhone batteries, and is in the process of crushing the life out of it. Meanwhile, here's what you have to do to stop it for now. Read More >>

This Code Will Nuke Pretty Much Any App on a Mountain Lion-Running Mac

Here's something a little weird and potentially hilariously fun -- there's a little eight-character code that causes pretty much any app on a Mac to crash, instantly. Writing said code, which we had to put in an image using a Windows machine, will cause your app to crash, losing anything open. Read More >>

Facebook Thinks That All Months Have Just 30 Days

This may be a temporary problem, but it has been confirmed by several people, including Giz and Gizzettes: right now, you can't set your date of birth as the 31st of any month on Facebook. Read More >>

Adam Buxton's Hilarious Music and Random Internet Video Show Is Moving to the Goggle Box

He of BBC Radio 6 fame, Adam Buxton’s live show at the BFI in Southbank, called Bug, has managed to snag itself its own TV show courtesy of Sky. Bug shows a combination of weird and wonderful music videos, mashed together with YouTube comments, anecdotes and Buxton’s own creations, into a wonderfully off-the-wall show that you’ll now be able to watch from the comfort of your own home. Read More >>

Apple Explains the iMessage Bug (Updated)

According to Apple, the iMessage bug we posted yesterday isn't really a bug. It's a rare incident caused by an employee's over eagerness to help a customer. Read More >>

iPhone Bug Allows People to Peek Into Your Photos Without a Password

There's a bug in Apple's iOS 5 that would allow anyone to look into your photos without using a password—users would only have to click on the camera button on your iPhone to access all the images. Read More >>


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