This Pub Built With Concrete Pipes is Surprisingly Elegant and Cozy

Concrete pipes never looked so inviting. At the Prahran Hotel, a pub in Australia, stacks of pre-cast concrete tubes have been turned into cozy, wood-panelled booths for sharing a pint or two. From the outside, they look like kegs (get it?) or portholes—in any case, nothing remotely as dystopian as the phrase "concrete pipes" might evoke. Read More >>

This New School of Architecture is a Crazy Canyon of Concrete and Wood

What an amazing building this turned out to be, the new Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Designed by London's CRAB studio—led by Gavin Robotham and Sir Peter Cook, whose work you might know from Archigram—the 27,000 square foot structure has just been completed and now faces the hard test of everyday use. Read More >>

This Home is Designed to Stand Up to a Tsunami

Little can actually be guaranteed to survive the high-velocity wave walls and pummeling winds of a tsunami—but this house will at least put up a damn good showing. Read More >>

Forget Frosty: Here's How To Make Your Very Own Urban Igloo

Snowmen are great. Everyone loves a good snowman! But if you're expecting piles and piles of the white stuff this year, have a ton of free time on your hands, and want to make something truly cool, why not go all out and construct an urban igloo? Read More >>

A Wall Made of 300 Chairs Takes Repurposing a Step Further

Screens and curtains are alright, but sometimes you want a real wall. Solid, substantial and offering some privacy. If bricks and cement blocks are too boring, you can always turn to re-purposed household items. Right? Read More >>

Beer Brewing Byproduct Makes Bricks Insulate Better

Beer and brick have both been essential to humanity for thousands of years, dual pillars that helped us build the societies we know today. Now, scientists have combined them, fortifying bricks with grains left over from breweries to create bricks that keep a building better insulated. Turns out beer really can keep you warm on a cold day. Read More >>

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This Insane Ancient Tomb Has Been Restored to Its Prehistoric Glory

You're looking at the Soto dolmen in Trigueros, Spain—and you're right to be amazed. This prehistoric tomb has been home to rituals of life and death since 4200 BC, and now after nine years it's been restored to its prehistoric glory. Read More >>

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The World's Tallest Building Looks Badass From a Helicopter

There's a lot to know about Dubai's towering Burj Khalifa. Every creak and every inch is constantly monitored and explored. But sometimes you just want to see something lit up in all its glory. And that's the point where you get in a helicopter and go take some awesome night shots. You have access to a helicopter, right? Read More >>

This Short Film About Coffinmaking Brings Beauty to Tragedy

Marcus Daly is a Washington-based carpenter on a mission: to produce the most environmentally friendly handcrafted wooden caskets he can. This short film, by Dan McComb, reveals the beauty of his work. Read More >>

Engineering the Next Generation

January came and went this year in a jiffy. It was also this same month which saw hundreds of thousands of ambitious young people plough their way through the circuitous online methods in order to apply for admission to UK universities. Read More >>

I Want to Live in a House Shaped Like a Dinosaur's Head

If you think that this house looks oddly... alive, that's because it's modelled on a dinosaur's head. With windows and glass doors cleverly placed to mimic eyes and teeth, its distinctive profile looks like it could gobble you all up in one go. Read More >>

Your Minifig Magic Could Get a Lego: The Movie Cameo

You're never going to be a movie star, but with a little luck, maybe your Lego bricks can be. Thanks to a new contest for the upcoming blockbuster, Lego: The Movie, you've got a shot at your own 15-30 seconds of vicarious stardom. Read More >>

Sony Selling Its NYC HQ for $1.1 billion

Sony has announced plans to sell its New York HQ for $1.1 billion —but it will continue to rent and use the space. Read More >>

How Tall Can a Lego Tower Be Before It Crushes Itself?

Every building material has a theoretical limit which it can't be used beyond: at some point, the weight of material above is enough to crush what's below. Now, a team of engineers has worked out that limit for Lego — and it's surprisingly high. Read More >>

Nokia's Sold Its HQ (But It's Not Moving Out)

To try and make up for the fact that it's struggling financially, Nokia has sold it HQ building in Espoo, Finland. But it's not moving it out. Read More >>

Are Blood Bricks the Future of Building?

Take the blood of a freshly slaughtered animal. Mix thoroughly with preservatives and sand, pour into square molds, and bake for one hour. Allow to cool — then build your home from the result. No, really. Read More >>


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