These Abandoned, Half-Demolished Towers Look Too Pretty to Destroy

This colourful scene isn't a view of a new luxury loft. It's Rabot Towers, an abandoned public housing project in Ghent, Belgium. When the first stage of demolition removed the building's exterior walls, the former blight became an unexpected beauty, captured here by photographer Pieter Lozie. Read More >>

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The Dizzying Work of Hand-Painting Ads Across New York City Skyscrapers

Walk around New York City, and you're bound to see the work of these "wall dogs"—the men and women who paint billboard-size ads by hand, high above the city streets. Their work is exacting, and the places they paint are terrifying. Don't watch this if you're afraid of heights. Read More >>

London is Building 230 New Towers and 80 Per Cent of Them are Housing

It seems like every big city is facing a major housing crisis. But things are looking up in London: not only is the city planning an astounding 230 new towers that will fundamentally change the skyline, but an impressive 80 per cent of those towers will be residential. Read More >>

Ghostly Facades Without Buildings Behind Them

What lies behind facades? Nothing, at least in French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy's world. His ongoing series, Facades, depicts made-up towns where lone facades hide nothing, while seemingly teetering on the edge of collapse. Read More >>

How to Survive a Skyscraper Fire

A man died trying to escape a fire in his high-rise apartment building in Manhattan earlier this month. What makes this all the more tragic is that he would have survived—if he had only stayed in his apartment. Skyscrapers are designed to contain fires, so that, even when you're hearing alarms and smelling smoke, the safest thing to do is to ignore every instinct to flee and stay put. Read More >>

This Giant Pin Screen Will Render Your Face at the Winter Olympics

If you are attending this year's Sochi Winter Olympics, you could be the face of the games. Quite literally, actually, thanks to the British architect Asif Khan's Megaface—a giant pinscreen on the side of a building that will morph to display the scanned faces of visitors. Read More >>

Find Inner Peace in Your Own Private Meditation Cavern

Yoga studios are nice, but what about the pretentious people and their greasy mats—not to mention all the see-through pants and all the farts? What you really need is your own private meditation cavern in the New Mexico desert. In fact, maybe you need two! Read More >>

Apple's "Spaceship" HQ Design Looks Like the Fanciest Apple Store Imaginable

There's a cohesive design DNA that runs through all of Apple's hardware, so naturally there'd be an equally cohesive look across all the company's architectural concerns too. But even if Apple's now-greenlit "Spaceship" campus looks like one of its own retail stores gone super-sized, it still looks as though it'll be one hell of a cool building to work in. Read More >>

Google Gets Approval to Build Vast King's Cross "Groundscraper" Office Complex

Google has been granted all the permissions it needs in order to begin building its massive new London centre, with Camden borough council rubber-stamping the final set of paperwork and giving Google's grand design the final go-ahead. Read More >>

London's 'Walkie Scorchie' Tower Is Really Just a Massive Free Tanning Salon

Careful where you walk in London on a sunny day, you might end up inadvertently getting cooked. Apparently the weird-looking new Walkie Talkie skyscraper in the city acts as a giant mirror, focussing the Sun's intense rays on the street below, blinding people and actually melting cars. Read More >>

This Spray-On Chemical Could Make Window Blinds Obsolete

NeverWet is the big thing of 2013. The next big spray on coating, developed by a federally funded team working on smart windows, will use electrical currents to actually stop heat and light from passing through your windows. Besides being a remarkable feat of engineering, the invention could save billions of pounds a year in energy costs.
The news was announced today in a study published in Nature. It comes from Molecular Foundry, a Berkeley based lab that focuses on topics relating to smart energy. Last year, the director of the Foundry, a woman named Delia Milliron, was awarded a $3 million grant from the Department of Energy to work on developing an “electrochromic” window coating that could stop light and heat without the use of curtains or blinds. Read More >>

The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Lift

The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain — standing proud in this image — was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working lift. Read More >>

Shanghai's Insane 26-Year Transformation, Summed Up In Two Photos

What happens when you give Shanghai's financial district 26 years and a few billion dollars of makeover money? This miraculous transformation, which hit a staggering 2,073-feet-high this past Saturday when the Shanghai Tower became the world's second tallest building. Read More >>

The Facade of This Water Cooling Plant Is Chill as Hell

University of Ohio's Central Chiller Plant is chill because it has to be—it supplies water and emergency power to the university's medical district. But thanks to its facade covered in prismatic fins, it's also chill in the non-literal sense of the word. Read More >>

London's Old Design Museum Building Sold to Architecture Studio

London's Design Museum is moving to a new location from 2014, meaning its current site on the Thames is no longer needed. It'll still be a place to hang out looking at cool things, though, as the building will be transformed into a showcase space for Zaha Hadid Architects. Read More >>

Google's New £650m London Headquarters is a Lying Down Shard

Google's about to invest a staggering amount of money in building a new UK head office, with the company applying to create an enormous, 11-storey HQ in the renovated King's Cross area of London. And at 330 metres in length, it's about the same size as the Shard. But lying down. Read More >>


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