60 Per Cent of Heathrow T5's Light Bulbs Have Blown Since 2008 and Haven't Been Changed

Thanks to the high and curved design of Heathrow's terminal 5 building, your average, everyday maintenance man or janitor simply isn't able to reach the light bulbs up there in its glassy roof. So a team of specialist climbers has been hired to brighten up the gradually dimming departures area. Read More >>

lightning review
Philips Dimmable LED Lightning Review: So Much Light, So Little Juice

If it glows like, works like, and even dims like an incandescent, it must be an incandescent bulb, right? Wrong. The 8W Philips EnduraLED only draws a fifth of the power to produce the same warm illumination as the filament bulbs you've already got. Read More >>

NASA's Latest Engineering Challenge: How to Change a Light Bulb

NASA is changing all of the light bulbs on board the International Space Station to help famously insomniac astronauts sleep better. Read More >>

Internet Troublemaker David Thorne's Excellent Floodlight Revenge

Poor old "funny troller" David Thorne found himself victim of yet another frustrating scenario, when his neighbour installed a terawatt security lamp that illuminated his bedroom with "the light of a thousand suns". So David took the bulb out and put it in his neighbour's post box. More than once. Read More >>

LED Bulb Trial Made People Feel Safer

A trial which saw 35 social houses fitted entirely with LED lightbulbs had some interesting results, with the softer, more natural light giving communal areas a more welcoming feel. And everyone saved a few quid, too. Read More >>


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