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NASA Engineers Built an Insanely Complex Bullet-Time Rig For Fun

Back in May, our friend and ex-NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober, figured out a way to shoot "bullet time" videos on the cheap, with a ceiling fan, a pair of flashlights, and a GoPro. Pretty damn creative, but the rig had its limitations. So Mark set out to find a way to create a similar set-up, this time using a high-end Phantom camera. Thank goodness. Read More >>

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Playing with Your Dogs in Matrix-style Bullet Time Looks So Fun

Slow motion and Matrix-style bullet time was invented for this and this only: dogs. As in playing with dogs and recording them in bullet time with 52 GoPro cameras set up to freeze time. The video itself is already fun (if you have a heart) but the behind the scenes footage is almost just as interesting (if you like cameras). Read More >>

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How to Stop Time With a Ceiling Fan, Two Torches and a Camera

Remember the now-ubiquitous bullet time effect in the Matrix? That technique requires dozens of cameras and other expensive gear, but JPL engineer, inventor and Gizmodo friend Mark Rober, figured out how to do it for just a few quid. Read More >>

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How To Film Bullet Time Action Shots With an Army of Go-Pros

Ever since The Matrix, it's been something of an action movie staple to have slow-down-swing-around-the-subject shots. And it's not even that hard to pull off, if you have a veritable army of GoPros anyway. That's how Marc Donahue and Permagrin Films did it, and the results are pretty neat. Read More >>


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