The £1.9 Million Bulletproof, Diamond-Studded Suit With a Built-In A/C

A bulletproof, air-conditioned, diamond-covered, £1.9 million suit? Even James Bond would drool over this. Not that it would matter; it's also waterproof. Naturally. Read More >>

A Backpack Made of Kevlar Could Protect You In a War Zone

In the UK most of us are lucky enough to have never lived in a combat zone or area of extreme violence where our personal safety is always at risk. But this backpack was designed for that scenario. The Rhino Skin pack is made of Kevlar and is meant to protect vital organs against flying debris created by an explosion. Read More >>

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So It's Come To This: Bulletproof School Uniforms

Tragedies like the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School have certainly given parents reasons to worry about their children's safety. But is this really necessary? A Colombian company claims to have created a line of kid's clothing and school uniforms made from the same fabrics and technology found in bulletproof vests. Read More >>

This £4,000 Bullet-Proof Attaché Will Keep Your Documents Way Safer Than They Probably Need To Be

Say you've got some really important documents—like the meaning of life scrawled on a napkin, or a viable method of time travel in the margins of a newspaper—and someone really wants to shoot them for some reason, like a bunch of times, with a gun. You better hope they're in the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché. Read More >>

Bulletproof iPad Case Still Won't Stop the Tablet's Biggest Threat: Fingerprints

If you find yourself living in a wartorn part of the world—dodging gunfire and errant shrapnel all hours of the day—a bulletproof iPad case might not seem like overkill. But for the majority of iPad users, this resilient case does nothing to protect the tablet from more immediate and pressing daily threats. Read More >>

The Bulletproof iPhone Case, For When Your Phone Absolutely Must Survive a Hail of Bullets Even If You Won't

Making an iPhone bulletproof is all very well, but what’s the point when you won’t be around to use it once you get shot at? Apparently the Japanese love their iPhones so much that they’ll cover them with 2.5cm thick steel armour plating, no matter how much it weighs. Read More >>


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