Lettuce Mourn the Passing of Greenery in T.G.I. Friday's Burgers

It's as synonymous with a hearty burger as a portion of fries or a milkshake, but T.G.I. Friday's is now preparing to stop serving lettuce with its burgers. Turning over a new leaf, it believes that its diners won't miss the ingredient in its recipes. Read More >>

Lobster Patty in a Mac & Cheese Bun and Other Extraordinary Burgers

Pornburger is a new site that will make you crave a deliciously outlandish burger. I want every one of these culinary creations. I want to stuff my face with them, I want to bathe in them, I want to fall into a food coma with them in my bloodstream. Read More >>

Napkin of Shame Lets Japanese Women Scoff Massive Burgers Without Guilt

Apparently, and we have to believe this as we have no way of proving otherwise, Japanese women like having small mouths and appearing dainty. This means they can't be seen openly ramming massive lumps of processed meat in their mouths, lest they heap shame upon their forefathers. That's all changed thanks to the "Liberation Wrapper." Read More >>

McDonald's Ditches Heinz Tomato Ketchup in Global Condiment Bombshell

Burger chain McDonald's has had a massive sulk over high-level management changes at Heinz, and has decided to gradually phase out Heinz ketchup from all of its 34,000 branches around the world as a result. Read More >>

Man With Deathwish Spends £90 Building "McEverything" Burger Combo

That amazing greasy Scooby snack there is the McEverything, the creation of a food blogger who decided to blow $140 on building the ultimate McDonalds. Read More >>

Dunkin' Hell: American Donut Master Coming to Clog British Arteries

Overweight Americanese cops' favourite donut and burger chain Dunkin' Donuts is coming to the UK, with plans to launch around 50 franchises in London and an additional 100 elsewhere in the country over the next five years. Read More >>

The World's First Lab-Grown Meat Burger Tastes Terrible (Surprise!)

BBC correspondent Pallab Ghosh was present at the meat's inaugural tasting event, and live-tweeted the tasters metered reaction to the lab-grown meat. Read More >>

The World's First Test-Tube Burger Was Funded By Google's Sergey Brin

The super-secret bankroller of the world's first lab-grown stem cell burger, which'll be cooked and taste tested in London this afternoon,has been revealed as none-other than Google's billionaire co-founder, Sergey Brin. It seems self-driving cars, space mining, and Google Glass just aren't enough future for him. Read More >>

The World's First Test-Tube Burger Will Be Taste Tested in London Next Week

Finally, after much waiting, debating, and salivating at the thought of a tasty-looking hunk of cow-suffering-free burger, the first ever lab-grown burger patty, costing £250,000 will be served at an "exclusive west London venue" next Monday. The possible future of meat is finally here. Read More >>

Mass Nerd Orgasms Triggered by iPad-Controlled Helicopter Food Delivery at Sushi Bar

The impending disaster in this embedded video is being orchestrated by something languishing with the name iTray, which is an iPad-controlled helicopter food tray thing a trendy London sushi establishment is using to ferry food to its customers. As a one-off stunt thing, but still. Read More >>

Burger King Apologises After Horse DNA Found in Supplier Factory

Horse meat-gate very nearly hit one of the big burger chains, with high street meat shop Burger King admitting to finding horse DNA in burgers at one of its suppliers. It has apologised, saying none of the dodgy meat actually made it into customers' gobs. Read More >>

monster machines
This Robo-Griller Can Flip 360 Burgers an Hour

The most expensive part of that flimsy burger from your local fast food joint isn't what you put in your mouth; it's the human hands that put it together. But this robotic burger-maker that preps, grills, and assembles your Royale with Cheese—automatically—may soon replace human line cooks altogether while saving the fast food industry billions. Read More >>

If Junk Food Cost 20 Per Cent More, Would That Solve Your Obesity Issues?

Well, not that we're calling you fat of course, but do you reckon an increase in price would help people curb down on fatty foods? 'Cause those pesky fellas in lab coats have been at it again, and only this time they're saying that a 'fat tax' should be instated to raise up the costs of unhealthy food and drink by up to 20 per cent. Read More >>

Candy Concoction Looks and Tastes Like a Burger, Fries, and Soda

You apparently have to be very careful when ordering food in Japan because what looks like a fast food combo, or even sushi, could turn out to be an edible chemistry experiment made entirely from sweets. Read More >>

Sesame Seed Braille Buns Promote Menus For the Visually Impaired

A South African burger chain called Wimpy's wanted to bring attention to the fact that they've just introduced menus for the visually impaired. So they worked with ad agency Metropolitan Republic to create burgers with sesame seed braille messages on top. Read More >>

star wars
This Black Bun Darth Vader Burger Looks More Awesome Than The Phantom Menace

I'm finally jealous of the French. To promote the re-release of The Phantom Menace in THREE DEE, French fast food chain Quick is making a Darth Vader Burger complete with a black bun. A BLACK BUN. On a burger! Read More >>


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