A Delicious Yoga Bag That Inspires You to Make Room for More Calories

For some people, exercise and working out is a way to keep their bodies fit and trim. But for most of us, it's just a way to feel less guilty when we overindulge. So to stay inspired to make it all the way through your next yoga class, keep your gear in this giant burrito bag that provides a delicious-looking reminder of just one of the indulgences you're working towards. Read More >>

All Burritos Should Be Delivered By a Bomber Like This One

Remember the Tacocopter, that delicious hoax? Thought that may not have been real, the Burrito Bomber is, and though it may not be able to bomb a burritos at you yet, maybe someday it will. After all, the onslaught of food drones is pretty much inevitable. Read More >>

This Tin Foil Can Hold the Universe's Largest Burrito

You are looking at the largest piece of tin foil in the planet, one of the James Webb Space Telescope's sunshield membranes. There will be five of these membranes, which will keep its core at 50 Kelvin (-369.67F or -223.15C). Read More >>

Wrap Your Lens in a Burrito

Eating Mexican is inexpensive and convenient—just walk outside and find the nearest purveyor of Mexican food. What a world! But protecting your photography gear? That's usually neither. So wouldn't it make sense to turn your lens into Mexican food? Read More >>


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