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Watch a Bus Stop Get Redesigned Before Your Very Eyes

When patience is short and waits are long, squeezing onto the bus becomes a mad, lawless scramble. And that won't do if your buses have to transport 100,000 passengers a day, like Vancouver's extremely busy 99 line. So transportation planners got out a camera and some tape—you can watch the results in this transfixing time-lapse video. Read More >>

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This is the Horrific Moment a Man Was Kicked Through a Double Decker Bus' Upstairs Window

We love the faithful old Routemaster bus here at Giz, but as a born-and-bred Londoner who is not afraid of the odd night bus journey, I've seen my fair share of nasty happenings on them. This clip, however, is something else. Read More >>

Milton Keynes, City of the Future, Launches Wireless Inductive Charging for Buses

The electric buses of Milton Keynes will soon be able to trundle about town all day on a single charge, thanks to the arrival of inductive charging pads that allow drivers to top up a vehicle's battery during stops. Read More >>

Please, Transport for London, Don't Ditch Cash

Transport for London, Lord of London's creaking public transport network, has launched a 'consultation' on completely ditching real-cash payments on buses. Well, here's some feedback: that's an utterly terrible idea. Read More >>

NFC is Here for London's Buses

Oyster-haters, rise up: your time is here. As of RIGHT NOW, you can pay for your bus travel (within London) using a NFC card or smartphone of your choosing. I can barely contain myself. Read More >>

Taxpayers Picking Up the Bill for 600 New £266,000 Boris Buses

The exciting new modernised Routemaster that's set to roll around London is coming in at quite a cost to us lot, with the 600 updated buses, at a cost of £266,000 each, set to be paid for out of public money. Read More >>

The World's Longest Bus Is a Traffic Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Public transit is a great way to reduce traffic and gridlock in a crowded city. But do those benefits still apply when the streets are filled with 100 foot buses like the Fraunhofer Institute's AutoTram Extra Grand? Forget tight corners; this thing might not even make it through a green light. Read More >>

Russian Man Misses Getting Absolutely Annihilated By a Bus By Just Centimetres

This guy must be the luckiest man in Russia. After a truck swerved in front of a bus travelling at speed, forcing them both to crash straight through a petrol station, a man on the forecourt missed getting nailed by said bus by what looks like only a couple of centimetres. Wow that was close. Read More >>

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The UK's First iPad App Movie Premieres In London

Instead of trotting down the traditional red carpet, cast and crew alike were wheeled about town on a Routemaster bus for the premiere of their London-based film, The Silver Goat. Not only were they celebrating the film's release, they were also enjoying the fact that their movie had just made App Store history as the first film to be released straight-to-iPad. Read More >>

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Every Bus Route In London Mapped Looks Strangely Beautiful

What you see above is every route every bus takes in London every day. Viewed from above, it’s strangely reminiscent of the orbital night time shots of cities and roads like the M25, and shares a similar kind of beauty. In fact, when the data is viewed with stops included, it almost looks like blood vessels flowing around the body – the pumping tributaries of a modern city. Read More >>

Boris' Fancy New Hybrid Routemaster Debuts on a Rocky Road in London

The extremely pricy, but oh-so-beautiful re-imagining of the classic Routemaster – a true London icon – is finally here on the streets of the capital, or at least one of them is. Unfortunately it’s not all plain sailing; it seems a few bugs still need to be worked out. Read More >>

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Google Maps Can Now Tell You To Take the Train (Updated)

Google’s partnered up with to bundle mainline train information into Google Maps in the UK. If you're carless, Google can now helpfully suggest getting the train instead of walking from Edinburgh to London. Read More >>


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