TfL Trialling Bus Stop Touchscreen Map and Info Panels

It's not quite as heart-stopping as Pepsi's alien invasion augmented reality bus shelter, but it's a thousand times more useful: Transport for London has today begun trialling a bus stop equipped with an interactive mapping and information touchscreen. Read More >>

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This Beautifully Simple App Wants to Change How Public Transit Works

Public transit is a hard problem. Imagine how difficult it is for a city to meet the needs of millions, all of whom want to go different places at different times. And, inevitably, you're left standing on the platform. Ototo wants to change all of that. Read More >>

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This is the Horrific Moment a Man Was Kicked Through a Double Decker Bus' Upstairs Window

We love the faithful old Routemaster bus here at Giz, but as a born-and-bred Londoner who is not afraid of the odd night bus journey, I've seen my fair share of nasty happenings on them. This clip, however, is something else. Read More >>

18 Things You Didn't Know About London Buses

Buses have a long and interesting history in the capital. Today the Mayor of London is launching the year of the bus, celebrating an iconic symbol of our transport network which carries 6.5 million people a day. Below are eighteen facts covering a selection of historical, contemporary and weird nuggets of info about the world-famous transport system. Read More >>

Milton Keynes, City of the Future, Launches Wireless Inductive Charging for Buses

The electric buses of Milton Keynes will soon be able to trundle about town all day on a single charge, thanks to the arrival of inductive charging pads that allow drivers to top up a vehicle's battery during stops. Read More >>

Margaret Thatcher's Bomb-Proof Rolling 1980s Battle Bus Sold for £17k

Some lucky political historian and/or transport enthusiast has just acquired an extremely bizarre and unique vehicle, with this custom-made, strengthened bus, once used to shuffle the lady PM between appointments, fetching £16,940 at auction. Read More >>

The World's Longest Bus Is a Traffic Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Public transit is a great way to reduce traffic and gridlock in a crowded city. But do those benefits still apply when the streets are filled with 100 foot buses like the Fraunhofer Institute's AutoTram Extra Grand? Forget tight corners; this thing might not even make it through a green light. Read More >>

Why is this Classic London Double Decker Bus Doing Pushups? (Spoiler: Olympics!)

When you've got millions of ££££ from the International Olympic Committee to blow on preparations for the big games, in addition to beautiful venues and breathtaking stadiums, you're also going to end up with a bit of bizarre local art that's supposed to highlight and reflect the culture of the host country. Read More >>

Bristol Bus Driver Jailed For Using Bus as a Weapon

A Bristol bus driver who knocked down a cyclist in a vicious manner has been jailed for grievous bodily harm, sentenced to 17 months in jail. As someone who used to regularly ride a bicycle, this video and story is just appalling to me. Read More >>

London's Neo Routemaster Arrives, Due in Service Next February

The first of the new London buses that will replace the ditched bendy bus has arrived in town, with the Routemaster-inspired, hybrid-powered double decker ready for private testing prior to launch. Read More >>

London's Bendy Buses Binned by Boris Today

Today is the last day those of you in London will see the notorious 'Bendy Bus' in service, with the fleet of articulated people carriers being taken out of service after one final Friday night of ferrying drunk people home. Read More >>


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