Facebook Liking the Idea of BlackBerry Buyout?

Mega-rich social network Facebook has emerged as the latest in the long line of successful tech giants having a think about buying Blackberry, with sources claiming Zuckerberg's baby photo portal might be lining up a bid for the hardware maker. Read More >>

Sweden's Homeless Now Accepting Mobile Payments for Local Big Issue Sales

Some homeless folk in Stockholm selling the city's equivalent of the Big Issue are now wired up to accept mobile payments, thanks to a deal to provide them with smartphones and card reader dongles to take money from cashless modern commuters. Read More >>

Ireland Wants to Close Super-Corporation Tax Loophole, as Exploited by Apple

Apple's tax affairs might be about to get a little more complicated, thanks to the Irish government attempting to shut one of the more common tax avoidance schemes used by wealthy companies. Read More >>

HTC in 2013: Made its Best Phones in Years and First Loss in History

How does that work? Despite releasing the extremely well-reviewed HTC One and the equally popular Mini version this year, HTC has slumped to its first ever loss during the third quarter of 2013, somehow managing to lose around £74m. Read More >>

Twitter Worth More Than Sainsbury's as £619 Million IPO, £8 Billion Valuation Looms

How much are your tweets worth? Perhaps as much as $12.8 billion (or almost £8 billion) if the latest Twitter valuation is to be believed. That makes it worth more than a UK supermarket stalwart, the £7.36 billion Sainsbury's, as Twitter looks to hit the stock market with a $1 billion (£619 million) initial public offering. Read More >>

It's National Party Time Again as UK Minimum Wage Rockets by 12p an Hour

If you are lucky/unlucky enough to have a job that pays the UK's minimum wage you can afford to treat yourself to a sandwich from the luxury ranges today, thanks to the hourly minimum pay rate rocketing by 12p to sit at £6.31 per hour. Read More >>

Google UK in Alleged Tax Shenanigans Again With Lowly £12m Payment for 2012

Google UK might be about to cause more controversy for itself over its latest tax declarations, which show it paid just £11.6m in corporation tax last year despite declared UK earnings of £506m -- and unofficial sales estimates claiming it may have raked in over £3bn here. Read More >>

Salvaged HMV Returns to Old Oxford Street Stomping Ground

The long-running saga of the death and return of HMV entered a new chapter this weekend, with a new physical branch of the troubled music chain opening up for business on London's Oxford Street. Read More >>

Evernote Loses Plot With "Smart Covers for Your Feet," AKA £53 Business Socks

Evernote, which makes a very nice mobile phone app, has expanded its product range in a shock new direction, offering a selection of "Japanese Business Socks" for the discerning international playboy. With an asking price of around $85 (£53) for just five pairs. Which is mad on at least three separate levels. Read More >>

BlackBerry's Blues Continue to Mount With Eye-Watering £600m Loss for Q2

Poor old BlackBerry. You just want to take CEO Thorsten Heins down the pub, grab him a pint and tell him everything's going to be alright. Which would obviously be a massive lie, as the company has just announced it lost a staggering $965 million (£600 million) over the last 90 days. Read More >>

BlackBerry Might Survive as a Private Company

After months—years, really—of speculation about buyers and shutdowns and sales, BlackBerry appears to have found salvation in the form of a $4.7 billion takeover. Whether the company lives on from there or is sold for scraps remains anyone's guess. Under the proposed deal, which will close after due diligence and regulatory approvals, a group of buyers led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited will become BlackBerry's new dad. Read More >>

Old Media Humbled by GTA V's Staggering $1bn Launch Week

The latest GTA has once again reset the records when it comes to how much money people are willing to hand to major corporations in return for having fun, with GTA V cruising past the $1bn mark faster than any entertainment launch in history. Read More >>

Military Scientists Use Yelp and Digg To Test Viral Marketing Skills

A trio of data scientists from West Point Military Academy just published a paper in which they say they've found the key to identifying the "seed" group that pushes an idea or trend over the tipping point in the form of an algorithm. The basic model is pretty simple. First, you have to assume that a specific individual will want to receive a message if a certain proportion of her friends have it. That proportion serves as the threshold between too few friends and a critical mass of friends that can make the message go viral. Once this threshold has been determined, they determine the seed group by removing the people in the network who have the greatest excess of friends past the threshold. After doing this again and again, those left in the network who have exactly the number of friends as the theoretical threshold are identified as the "seed" group. Read More >>

Twitter's iOS 7 Overhaul Has a Dedicated Feed for TV-Related Tweets

Even with all the changes iOS 7 brings in and of itself, it seems Twitter is taking the opportunity to not only get an exterior makeover—they want to completely overhaul the way you use the app itself. Read More >>


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