Microsoft Considered Buying a Nokia (Then Like Most People Didn't Bother)

Rumours suggest Microsoft recently had a pop at buying its Windows Phone buddy Nokia outright, before hang ups over price and other technicalities derailed the planned acquisition. Read More >>

Google Putting Big Money Behind Motorola and Android's Future

Google's popular front man Eric Schmidt has gone on record regarding some of the company's plans for Motorola Mobility, the hardware maker it's just finalised the purchase of. There will be lots of money going in to it, basically. It wasn't all about the patents after all. Read More >>

Google May Add a Very Retro "Buy" Option to its Play Store Film Rentals

Google may soon add the option to buy copies of films through its Google Play Store, with the search giant apparently talking to Hollywood studios about the likelihood of being able to offer digital downloads of titles for its users to keep. Read More >>


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