Apple Makes £226 Million Security Play with AuthenTec Acquisition

Reuters is reporting that Apple has bought AuthenTec — a company which makes security hardware like finger print sensors — for £226 million. Read More >>

EU's Google/Motorola Takeover Decision Due February 13th

Despite talk of Google owning Motorola's mobile division, the deal hasn't yet been completed. Google needs approval from anti-competition regulators on both sides of the pond before it can be made official, with the EU today announcing it'll be publishing its decision on February 13th. The shareholders are happy, now Google just needs the pen-pushers onside. [Reuters] Read More >>

Motorola's Shareholders Approve Sale to Google

Motorola Mobility's sale to Google has been approved, gaining near unanimous support from its shareholders. Google now has to go through with paying $12.5 billion for Motorola's mobile division and all of its lovely patents. [Motorola] Read More >>


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