What's Your Most Hated Buzzword?

I hate buzzwords. I especially hate buzzwords when they're used by people who don't even know what they mean just to jazz up a presentation so it sounds like their disruptive crowd-sourced social media 3-D printing platform will be a viable business idea. Mashable's got an amazing infographic of the worst 30 contenders, but that's got us thinking: what's the most heinous you've come across? Read More >>

The 9 Worst Tech Buzzwords of 2012

Technology is about making and using cool new things that enrich our lives. But technology is also about using idiotic, tired words that mean next to nothing, designed to confuse us into wasting money. Here are the year's stupidest offenders. Read More >>

Anybody Who Says Buzzwords to Describe Startups and Technology Should Be Zapped in the Head

Synergy! Gamification! Likes! Viral! They're all awful bullshit buzzwords that marketing folks love to use to spin their product. The words sound really nice coming out of your mouth but they don't mean anything. If you can only describe your product with buzzwords, you already screwed up. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>


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