Why Not Build This Year's Gingerbread House Using CAD and Lasers?

We've all seen our fair share of crooked gingerbread houses, daubed with frosting to the point where they look less like a building and more like a bomb site. Johan von Konow has a solution to that problem, though: design the building using CAD and manufacture it using laser cutters. Read More >>

Instructions for Building Your Very Own Awesome, Mario-Inspired Go-Kart

Remember the Chibikart—that awesome, Mario-inspired go-kart built by MIT student Charles Guan? We loved it in an only-an-MIT-student-could-come-up-with-something-this-sweet sort of way. Luckily for us, Guan has just polished off the finishing touches on a newer, more accessible design that he says can be built even by those of us without a tricked out makerspace and the perks of being an MIT genius. He calls it, rather aptly, the Democratic People's Republic of Chibikart. Read More >>

MIT Student Builds Awesome Working Mario Kart, Documents Process Every Step of the Way

A self-described electromechanical hobbyist and MIT student named Charles Guan is the mastermind behind the Chibikart, a motorised Mario Kart-like vehicle built from scratch. Read More >>

3d printing
Researchers Use Off-the-Shelf 3D Printer to Create Custom-Grown Bones

When you shatter your kneecap, the surgeon may use an implanted scaffold to coax your bones to knit back together properly. But what happens to the scaffold once you're healed? With this new system, the scaffold just melts away. Read More >>


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