This Animated Donkey Kong Cake Just Won Best Geek Cake Forever

It's going to be impossible to beat the glorious nerdness level in this wedding cake, which uses projectors to animate Mario on his quest to beat Donkey Kong and rescue Pauline. Unless they find a way to modify the sugar molecules to act as colour displays. [YouTube] Read More >>

Human Poo Bacteria Found in Ikea Cakes

While we may shrug and joke about it on the internet when someone tells us there's horse in our lasagne and meatballs, the newest food scandal is a bit more horrifying -- bacteria normally found in human and other animal poo has popped up in Ikea cakes. Someone or something's been pooing into the food chain. Read More >>

star wars
LED-Illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Must Be the Best Birthday Cake In History

The Death Star wedding cake was great. So was the R2-D2. And the Luke inside the dead Tauntaun cake was absolutely amazing. But LED-illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Cake is, so far, the best Star Wars cake I've ever seen. Or at least, the best birthday cake I can possibly imagine. Read More >>

watch this
Birthday Cake Goes Boom In Slow Motion

If you’ve ever wanted to see a birthday cake — or any cake, for that matter, explode before your eyes, boy, do I have a video for you. Read More >>

This Huge Cake Is Made of Grasshoppers and It Looks Disgustingly Delicious

This is gross and old, but it made me hungry. Also, it makes sense: some students made this giant grasshopper cake to celebrate a new book that promotes the cooking of insects as one of the most efficient, greenest ways to feed humans. Read More >>

star wars
Epic Star Wars Cake Is Epic

It's not like this is the first Star Wars cake we've ever clapped eyes upon, but I have a feeling this may just be the largest. Taller than the average man at 6 foot 4 inches, the stormtrooper was created for the Arisia sci-fi convention last week. I bet it took less time to eat than the 14 days it took to build, though probably a bit more time than it took the rebel alliance to take down Alderaan. Read More >>


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