Rumoured Samsung Gear 2.5 May Also be a Sci-Fi Wrist Phone

Korean news sources are suggesting a reworked version of Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear 2 smartwatch may appear soon, with the hardware upgraded to feature an internal USIM module that'll let wearers place voice calls via their wrists alone. Read More >>

Why Google Killing Google Voice Would be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don't you worry; the sooner it's dead the better we'll all be. Read More >>

Premium Rate Government Numbers Screw the Poorest People out of £56m a Year

Research by the National Audit Office has found that we spend around £56m a year phoning various government departments, with the rise in use of the premium 084 numbers costing us dearly. Read More >>

Pay More As You Go as Vodafone Profits From Rounding Up Calls

Vodafone's about to make a rather huge change to the way it charges its PAYG customers for calls, with the network deciding to start charging by the minute rather than the second. And it's rounding everything up. Read More >>

Ofcom Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers so We're Not Terrified of Calling Companies

Telecoms industry manager Ofcom is taking a long and hard look at the way it organises the non-geographic 03, 08 and 09 numbers in the UK, after it found that some callers avoid using them due to worries about being charged rip-off rates. Read More >>

You Can Now Skype From Within a Browser

When it rolled out the new email service last year, Microsoft promised Skype integration — it's just taken quite a long time to arrive. It's not as neat as you might hope, though: to use the service, you'll need to install a browser plugin that bridges Skype and Read More >>

0800 Mobile Calling Fees Rip-Off Set to End

One of the great modern injustices about using your mobile will soon come to an end, thanks to regulator Ofcom formally decreeing that it wants to unify freephone numbers and make 0800 lines free to call from our mobiles. Read More >>

O2 Separates Phone From Minutes to Satisfy Upgrade Cravings

The new O2 Refresh contract option from the mobile network sees it offer customers a separate contract for their calling plan and mobile phone, making it less of a fiddle to switch handsets mid-contract. Read More >>

app of the day
BT SmartTalk: Get Ready to Kill Your Home Phone

Landlines suck. The phones themselves are a throwback to the days when phones were for, y'know, phoning people, and you can't even play Snake on them! There's one thing going for them though: they're cheap. This app lets you access landline prices when you're out and about, or better, abroad. Read More >>

Ryanair Gets in on Call Credit Sales With VOIP Chat App

Cheapo airline Ryanair has launched a mobile VOIP chat app, letting iPhone and Android users call each other through a wi-fi connection in a sort of budget Skype style. Read More >>

New Mobile Network "The People's Operator" Does Calls, Data and Charity Donations

A new mobile reseller has arrived in the UK, with The People’s Operator (TPO) selling some feel-good calling plans that donate profits and a share of customer spending to worthy causes and charities. Read More >>

Vodafone Lets You Access Your UK Calling Plan Across Europe, for £3 a Day

Vodafone has joined O2 in offering a new cross-Europe mobile data and calling option, designed to help put an end to the sheer terror we feel upon landing in another country and imagining how ludicrous our next phone bill will be should we dare check Twitter in a moment of weakness. Read More >>

Virgin Becomes the First UK Airline to Let You Jabber On Your Blower Mid-Flight

Virgin's just rolled out in-flight calling, provided AeroMobile, which will set you back about the same as your regular roaming provider. Finally, you'll be able to make that crucial in-flight call to your mates, to find out what the hell caused you to get that effigy of Sir Richard Branson tattooed on your back when you were blind drunk last night. Read More >>


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