NSA Can Record EVERY Phone Call Made in One Mystery Non-US Country

The NSA revelations are getting crazier by the week, with new leaks from Edward Snowden's Dropbox Folder of Doom revealing that the US security service claims it can RECORD every call made in one unnamed overseas country. Read More >>

Hands-Free Mobile Gear Should be Banned From Cars, Says Safe Driving Charity

Fiddling with a text message and trying to write grammatically correct sexy messages with an on-screen keyboard while driving is obviously a bit dangerous, but a safety charity suggests that chatting on a hands-free system is just as risky -- and ought to be banned. Read More >>

US Spies Listened to the Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders

Edward Snowden's encrypted locker of governmental misery has revealed new shocking details on the depth of the NSA's surveillance programme, claiming the phone calls of around 35 world leaders were routinely listened to. Read More >>

Three Bins Calling, Text and Data Roaming Fees in Seven Countries

UK mobile network Three has jiggled its overseas calling plans, introducing something it calls the 'Feel At Home' option. This means full use of your UK contract minutes, texts and mobile data allowance when in one of the seven countries initially covered by the scheme. Read More >>

Skype Has 3D Video Calls Working "In the Lab" But is Unsure About a Public Launch

While Nintendo and the BBC are ditching 3D for the forseeable future, Microsoft's Skype messaging tool is looking to embrace the tech at some point with bosses claiming it's been experimenting with 3D capture and messaging in order to create a convincing "body double" effect. Read More >>

Three's Phone Network is Borked In Scotland and the North

Unlucky Scots and northerners seem to have been without phone service on Three for at least 24 hours, with all reports seemingly indicating users are still having issues this morning. The weird thing is it's not data this time, it's the ability to actually, you know, make a call that's all screwed up. I'm not quite sure how you'd even notice. Read More >>

Win For Common Sense: Premium Rate Complaints Lines Banned

The government's announced plans to ban the rip-off premium 084 and 087 numbers from being used to contact some companies, with new rules set to reduce the cost of calls to customer query and complaint numbers. Read More >>

Premium Rate Government Numbers Screw the Poorest People out of £56m a Year

Research by the National Audit Office has found that we spend around £56m a year phoning various government departments, with the rise in use of the premium 084 numbers costing us dearly. Read More >>

Ofcom Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers so We're Not Terrified of Calling Companies

Telecoms industry manager Ofcom is taking a long and hard look at the way it organises the non-geographic 03, 08 and 09 numbers in the UK, after it found that some callers avoid using them due to worries about being charged rip-off rates. Read More >>

0800 Mobile Calling Fees Rip-Off Set to End

One of the great modern injustices about using your mobile will soon come to an end, thanks to regulator Ofcom formally decreeing that it wants to unify freephone numbers and make 0800 lines free to call from our mobiles. Read More >>

Mobile Voice Calls Halve in Length, as we Can't be Bothered Talking Any More

Stats released by UK network Vodafone show that the length of time we spend talking on our mobiles has fallen by half over the last five years, as we now mumble a short excuse and save the chatting for other communications channels and apps. Read More >>

Adult Sex Line Ads Served to School IT Helpline Callers

People trying to get telephone helpline support from Capita's school IT department have been accidentally routed through to wrong numbers, some of which have been ads for sex chat phone lines. It's what Jimmy Savile would've wanted. Read More >>

Where Can I Get HD Voice Calls on My iPhone 5 in the UK?

One of the less touted features of the iPhone 5, but something that could really make a huge difference to call quality (you do actually call people still, right?), is HD voice calling (wideband audio). Unfortunately, not all networks support HD voice, so which ones will in the UK, and where can you get it on your shiny new iPhone 5? Read More >>

Anti-Social Brits Would Rather Text Than Talk

The shyness of the nation has been exposed by new data from communications regulator Ofcom, which has found that we'd much rather communicate by impersonal text message than go to the effort of making an actual voice call. Read More >>

O2 Launches Pay-Per-Day Euro Discounts to End Holiday Data Worries

O2 has launched a new bolt-on mobile package it's calling O2 Travel, which gives its monthly contract and pre-pay customers a cross-European bundle of calls and mobile data for a fixed price of £1.99 a day. Read More >>

O2 Launches Skype Rival Messaging App Tu Me, But Only for iPhone Users

O2 has launched a voice and messaging app under the odd name of Tu Me, which offers users of all mobile networks an alternate, free way to make and receive voice calls. Read More >>


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