Best Thing Ever: Classic Calvin and Hobbes Scenes Animated into GIFs

Short of a few seconds of homebrewed animations here and there, we've never seen Calvin and Hobbes animated. That's fine—Bill Watterson's panels are more lifelike than a kabillion hours of most shows—but seeing it done right is enough to make your eyes fall out from happiness. Read More >>

Photoshopping Calvin and Hobbes into Real Life Makes Me Really Happy

Here's something that'll brighten you up just in time for the end of the week: Calvin and Hobbes being spliced into real life photographs. I don't know how many times I wished these guys existed in real life when I was young. Hell, I think I still do. Read More >>

I'm a Tech Writer Thanks to This Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip

I wasn't supposed to be here today. Growing up, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and dreamed of becoming a paleontologist—the thought of sifting through heaps of stone and soil was far more enticing than fighting fires or learning Ninjutsu, my two fallback careers. But then Calvin's dad went and blew my mind. Read More >>

This Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine Just Made the World a Much Better Place

Rejoice, humans, for life just got a lot better thanks to a new wonder of the internet: the Calvin & Hobbes search engine! Read More >>


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