7 Lessons You Can Learn from Shooting with a Camera Phone

Given the ubiquity of the camera phone and their ever increasing quality, there are people who are perfectly content having their mobile device also serve as their only camera. I, for one, would likely experience something akin to severe withdrawal if I had to give up my dSLR and shoot exclusively with my cellphone. Read More >>

Report: Nokia Will Launch a Full-On PureView Windows Phone This Year

Rumours are emerging which suggest Nokia is planning to launch a "true PureView Windows Phone" — codenamed EOS — some time later this year. Read More >>

What Is Nokia Really Banging On About With Its "PureView" Technology?

You've seen the kinds of monster photos the Nokia 808 PureView can snap, and read how it's got a digital zoom that doesn't turn everything into a pixelated mess. But how does it actually perform these miracles, and what the hell is Nokia doing shoving a colossal 41-megapixel sensor in a phone anyway? Read More >>

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Syrian Rebel Posts Sniper's Camera Phone Photos

We're not sure what happened to the pro-government Syrian sniper whose pictures, allegedly seized after he himself was captured, but probably not good things. In the meantime, here's the vantage point of one man against a revolution. Read More >>


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