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Watch a GoPro Camera Fall Out of a Plane and Land in a Pigsty

Here's a crazy story. A GoPro camera falls out of a plane, travels hundreds of metres to the ground, and lands in a pigsty. Eight months later, a random person finds said GoPro, footage intact. It's worth watching. Read More >>

These Century-Old Selfies Make Instagram Look Like a Joke

Mayfair, Kelvin, Earlybird—it really won't make a difference. Because when it comes to these absolutely wonderful selfies taken as early 1909, all of our carefully selected Instagram filters will never begin to compare. Read More >>

MIT's New £300 Kinect-Like Camera Even Works With Translucent Objects

Microsoft's Kinect is great, but it has its limitations. Not so MIT's new nano-camera, though, which uses similar technology but can weave the same magic with translucent objects, and even work in snow or rain. Read More >>

Google Confirms its Android Camera App is About to Get Way Better

Earlier this month, a batch of comments in Android source code hinted that the camera app was about to get a shot in the arm. Now, Google has confirmed that's the case. Read More >>

Head-Strapped Neurocam Snaps iPhone Photos Using Brainwaves

If you've ever dreamed of turning the world around you into a GIF animation with just a mere thought then, providing you wouldn't feel too conspicuous walking around with an iPhone strapped to your head, you now can thanks to a gadget called the Neurocam. Read More >>

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Quick 'n Dirty Smartphone Photography Tips

Taking good photos with a smartphone is, at heart, pretty much the same as taking good photos with anything -- it's not a simple art. But that said, smartphones, with their touch interfaces and tiny little sensors have some particular quirks it's worth paying attention to. Read More >>

How to Turn an Old SLR and Lens Into a Peephole

Demonstrated here by Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo, the install seems pretty easy: you just need an old SLR and lens, some 2 1/2-inch PVC, and, uh, the permission to drill through the door. At any rate, the video shows you what you need to know: get goin'! [Fro Knows Photo via Peta Pixel] Read More >>

The New iPhone Camera's Flash Illuminates Photos Without Ruining Them

Today, we got a look at the the future of the iPhone camera. Apple's doubling down on its imaging tech in hopes that it can catch the eye of the people who really care about the quality of their images. At the centre of the new push is a flash system that'll keep the blast of a strobe from ruining your photos.

Leaked Images Reaffirm Sony's Smartphone Lens Camera Arrival

Sony has been as leaky as a sieve when it comes to its much-rumoured new Smartphone Lens Camera. Now, a full set of leaked press images offer more clarity than ever about what we can expect. Read More >>

Why Is a Cheap Colour Sensor Such a Big Deal?

We expect our devices to know what's going on. Automatic doors, smartphones, temperature control systems and beyond all perform actions when they detect certain conditions. And it seems like it would just be convenient to put cameras on everything so devices could have eyes on all different situations. It would also be creepy, but we'll leave that aside for now. Read More >>

This Is the First Phone With a 4K Video Camera

This is Acer's new giganta-smartphone, the Liquid S2, and it's sitting on a fairly impressive secret: it's the world's first phone to pack a 4K-capable video camera. Read More >>

This High-Speed Digital Camera Can Freeze Objects Moving 12,000KPH

When it comes to high-speed photography — and we're talking about freezing explosions and other occurrences that are over in just thousandths of a second — something known as film-based streak photography has always been the go-to technology. But as film continues its slow death, a company called MetroLaser has come up with a digital alternative that can freeze objects moving at almost 7,500 miles per hour, which is roughly ten times the speed of sound. Read More >>

Apple's Phone Camera Patent Could Make Colours More Correct

Apple has just ushered a patent through the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new phone camera system — which uses three separate sensors to create higher-resolution images with more colour accuracy. Read More >>

Rumour: Canon Is Testing a 75-Megapixel Pro DSLR

As camera rumours go, this one's pretty insane: Photography Bay is claiming that a reliable source has told it that Canon is testing "a pro-sized body like the 1D X", which packs a sensor with over 75 megapixels. Blimey. Read More >>

See a Few Photo Samples Taken by the Nokia Lumia 1020

Yesterday's completely spoiled official launch of the Lumia 1020 did indeed focus on the new Windows Phone's insane 41-Megapixel PureView camera system, which Nokia's rightly proud of. And that's a photo taken with it. And here are some more... Read More >>

We're All Photographers Now

That smartphone in your pocket has changed you. You're not just able to stay in contact with your friends and family now — you're also a photographer. But what good has really come of it? Read More >>


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