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What Happens When All of Your Memories Get Erased

Gone are the days where we paste our pictures into big bulky photo albums. But what would happen if we didn't just store our pictures, but our entire memories in the cloud? One day, they could be completely wiped out, which is just what filmmaker Francois Ferracci explores in the short Lost Memories . Read More >>

Why You Should Buy a Canon 5D Mark II Instead

Yup, the Canon 5D Mark III is serious business. That sweet bit of kit is a pro-grade camera and a total lust item. But there's another reason to love it: It just made its elder sibling, the 5D Mark II, the best deal in cameras. Read More >>

The Canon 5D Mark III Comparison: How it Stacks Up to Other Cameras

When you compare the Canon 5D Mark III to other DSLRs, its specs fall somewhere between the 1D X and the previous model, the 5D Mark II. But how does it compare to competition like the Nikon D800? Read More >>

Canon Will Keep the 5D Mark II Alive and Sell it Cheaper

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is finally real and so now it's time for bargains on its predecessor—sort of. Canon will continue to produce the legendary, full-frame, HD shooting 5D Mark II and the company is hinting at price break next week. Read More >>


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